Divergent Style

Have you heard of this movie and book called Divergent?

If you haven't, then you're living under a rock!
heehee...just kidding!

But seriously Divergent is all the rage right now.  The book series is super hot and the movie brought in $56 million it's first weekend. I think the best part about all of it is some of the fashion possibilities.  There are 5 Factions and each has their own color.  I took a Divergent quiz and if I were to be put in one of the five factions I would be in Amity.  I like the color red, so I'm good there.  I always thought I'd be Erudite. I would love to sit around and read books all day. Based on the outfits below I'm kinda liking Candor.

I searched on Pinterest and found pages and pages of fashion, style, tattoos, jewelry, hair, etc . . . it could go on. Out of the several pages I picked some of my favs. The links will take you right to the Pinner's Pinterest page. Take a look. What faction would you fit into?

Hippy...not my thing.

Okay, I love the skirt, shirt, shoes and glasses.

Love the dress!

If I'm going to wear gray, at least this is a cute outfit.

Not sure if I could pull off the leather pants, but this outfit is hot!

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