Casting The Night Circus

I read The Night Circus around Christmas time and now my mom is reading it. I loved it and my mom is finally getting into it and really liking it.

We got to talking about how it would make such a great movie (Summit Entertainment has bought the!).  All of the fabulous effects and tricks and eccentric characters would be amazing on screen.  Oh and the actors that could play these parts!  These characters require some amazing talent to portray them.  Here's what I came up with; what do you think?

Celia Bowen
played by Carey Mulligan
I went through several casting choices for Celia. Emma Watson, Emily Blunt, Amanda Seyfried.  I think I like Carey Mulligan  the best. She was amazing in An Education and it was that role that made me decide to cast her as Celia Bowen.

Hector Bowen ~ Prospero the Enchanter
played by Johnny Depp
My mom and I immediately felt that Johnny Depp was the right actor to play Hector.
Hector is a crazy, disheveled man and Johnny Depp was it!

Marco Alisdair
played by Aaron Tveit
Marco was tough for me to cast.  He needed to be around the same age as Celia, but there's also Isobel who was a romantic interest as well.  I almost cast Jim Sturgess, but then I remembered Aaron from Les Miserables and how fantastic he was. He's my Marco!

Chandresh Christophe Lefevre
played by Ralp Fiennes
Chandresh needed to be played by someone refined and I couldn't think of a better guy than Ralph!

Isobel Martin ~ The Fortune Teller
played by Emily Blunt
I really wanted her in the movie and she's so beautiful! She'd make a great Isobel.

Tara Burgess
played by Cate Blanchett
Tara's character goes a little nutty right before she steps in front of that train.  If Blue Jasmine taught me anything, it's that Cate Blanchett is amazing and plays "nutty" pretty darn well!

Lainie Burgess
played by Kate Winslet
Lainie and Tara are sisters. They need to look like sisters and be around the same age. Why not another Kate?  Lainie's character is the love interested to Ethan Barris, the architect, so I need two people who could do that. Kate, for me, was the best choice.

Tsukiko ~ The Contortionist
played by Li Gong
I wanted a beautiful asian actress to play the role of Tsukiko. My mind went immediately to Memoirs of a Geisha and Li Gong. 

Herr Friedrick Thiessen ~ The Clock Maker
played by Geoffrey Rush
I pictured the clock maker a bit older and I think Geoffrey Rush is just fabulous. He can really play anything handed to him.

Tante Padva ~ The Costume Designer
played by Helena Bonham Carter
To be a costume designer, you have to be a bit quirky. Who better than Helena?

Ethan Barris ~ The Architect
played by Colin Firth
Ethan Barris is romantically linked to Lainie Burgess, so he needed to be a match for her.  He also works very closely with Celia on the circus and I wanted him to feel approachable and someone she could trust. Isn't this a face you can trust? Love me some Colin Firth!

That's my cast! What do you think? Would you make different casting choices? Tell me who you would cast?

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