What I Wore ~ Fitness Apparel

I'm working on working out again.
I bought an awesome new Sports Bra from Victoria's Secret and it is fantastic!

This is the Standout bra from VS's sports collection.  It is amazing!  I actually have worn it, but I feel much more comfortable putting up the VS models in it than me :)
For a lady of my bust size this bra supplies maximum support.  While in the dressing room I ran in place and nothing moved!  That's a first.  It's not an under wire, but there is a sort of gel under "wire" that helps with the support.  The crisscross design in the back is fantastic and the straps are adjustable.  It has the clip in the back like a regular bra for when you start to lose weight and need to tighten it :)

Getting new work out clothes always makes me so much more motivated to work out.  Here are some awesome items that I found on Pinterest ~

I actually really do like burpees.  I had a trainer in LA that did a "burpee-to-lunge" move that I find very effective and I love it.  I'm definitely sore afterwards!

This is an absolute GOAL of mine!  I weighed yesterday and I'm only 1.2 pounds away from what my highest weight was and I WILL NOT hit that again!

Happy Hour?  I'll meet you at the gym!
This is perfect for me.  Especially since I don't drink anymore.

I will start saying this every day when I'm about to or even just think about eating something I shouldn't!

A big Thank You to Victoria's Secret, because without them I wouldn't be able to support my girls!

I usually just wear black pants/capris to the gym, but I love these feathers!  I'm really fair, so I wouldn't wear white, but these are just so pretty!

These are SUPER CUTE! An easy gray capri with some pops of color.

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