How Thin Is Too Thin?

*all opinions are my own...if you don't like it...don't read it*

I had a completely different post that I was going to do for today, but when I saw the news this morning, I couldn't leave it alone.

I am an avid viewer of The Biggest Loser and am a huge fan (girl crush) of Jillian Micheals.  I was so excited to watch the season finale of season 15 on Hulu today (you know I don't have cable), but then I saw the new this morning and was in shock!

I have been rooting for Rachel from the beginning.  Her story was relate-able and she's a fierce female.  She's been the biggest loser in practically every episode this season.  I really liked her and wanted her to win.  But, is this winning?  Rachel doesn't even look like the same person anymore and not in a good weigh!
The internet is swarmed with tweets and articles about her weight.  Even the show itself is being scrutinized for making weight loss a form of entertainment.

For the people that are scrutinizing the show, what they don't understand is that between episode 14 (the last one on the BL Ranch) and the live finale, there is a good amount of time where the contestants are on their own.  Jillian, Bob, and Dolvett didn't get her this skinny.  Rachel did this all on her own!  They would never have let it get this far.

Rachel at 260 (far left | episode 1) ~ at 150 (middle | episode 14) ~ and at 105 (finale | episode 15)

Look at Bob and Jillian (even Tonya there in the back).  Those aren't the faces of Happy Trainers!

Rachel lost 155 pounds - Almost 60% of her body weight! That is crazy!

Let's compare, shall we?  In Season 14 there was Dani Allen.  I also liked her from the very beginning.  Plus, she was the last one on Jillian's team when the other teams still had multiple people on them.  Dani started at 258 pounds, lost 137, and ended at 121.  She looks AMAZING!  In one of the episodes they mentioned that she had gained 19 pounds of muscle.  Look at her, she looks fantastic.  Yeah, she's thin, but look at those muscles!  I remember this finale, because Jillian was so happy that she cried.  I did too!

Dani @ 258 & Dani at 121

To each his own, I guess.  You guys know I'm all about losing weight and being healthy.  I'm a curvy, voluptuous lady and I want to stay that way.  My friend just texted me and said "[she] was 105 in middle school probably."  Same for me!  I was 136 my senior year in high school, but let's not go there!

I didn't write this to rag on Rachel or to piss anyone off.  Body awareness, especially in women, is so important.  Knowing what's healthy and fit is so important.  I know a lot of you out there that read my blog struggle with your own weight just like I do.  There's a healthy way to do it and an unhealthy way to do it.  Let's strive to be as healthy as we can!