DIY ~ A Vision Board

Do you remember in 2006 when this woman went on Oprah talking about "The Secret"?  Well, I do!  I was all over it!  Especially the part about making a Vision Board.  Have you ever made one?  I make them all the time and I made one this weekend.

Vision Boards help me to keep thinking about what I want for myself in the future.  They help keep me focused and on track.  This is my first VB for 2014 and before today I haven't been very focused.  Especially since I took my last VB down around December.

If you're interested in making a Vision Board, it's super easy!  All you need are a bunch of magazines or pictures you find online and have printed out.  I'm a regular reader of Glamour, Self, Women's Health, Oprah, and Real Simple (Glamour is my fun magazine!).  Those are magazines that really speak to me about my life.  I go through the magazines and cut out images and phrases that speak out to me.

Once I have a good amount of items I organize them onto a poster board.  You can use any type of board you want.  I tend to stick to white boards so that the colors pop out. Once I have organized everything, then I tape them on.  You can glue them on too, but I don't have any glue :)  I'll also write on it too (usually in crayons or markers).

~ Here's what I did with my newest board ~

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.

You can't stay on balance if you don't keep moving.

Next, and most important perhaps, balance is something that depends entirely upon the individual.

2014 is MY year | I'm Fearless | 126 is my goal weight and I'm gonna hit with every step I take!

There's a lot about balancing my life on this particular board.

You want to make sure to put your Vision Board in a place where you'll see it on a daily basis.  You want to make sure to put I decided to put it on my fridge! I can see it from where I lay in bed :)

*Here's the finished product*

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