A Movie For Your Saturday

On Thursday I got to have my first snow day since college.  It was great!  I watched movies all day and some Army Wives while doing a much needed mani/pedi.  My fingers and toes feel so much better! One of the movies I watched on my snow day was Austenland.    This was a movie I wanted to see in the movie theater, but it didn't last very long there.  Yes, Austenland is a total chick flick and yes I totally LOVED it!  I called my mom immediately afterwards and told her that she had to rent it from Redbox. 

Austenland is a tale about a young woman, named Jane, that has been unlucky in love.  She's also completely obsessed with Jane Austen EVERYTHING.  You should see her apartment!  She has a life size cut-out of Colin Firth's most famous role as Mark Darcy.  Jane finally decides to make her fantasy come true and buys a ticket to Austenland - a Jane Austen theme park - to find her perfect gentleman.  Austenland is everything Jane thought it would be and even more.  Due to her financial situation, her ticket doesn't allow her to experience all of the luxuries that the wealthier bachelorettes are able to.  Jane makes the best of her "copper package" in Austenland and encounters many surprises along the way.  With Jennifer Coolidge as her comedic side kick Jane turns her vacation into a whirlwind event!

There are hunky guys, British accents, and a ball!  Now, who doesn't like a ball at the end of a romantic comedy.  

Austenland didn't get very good reviews, but my review is really all you need to worry about!

Have a great weekend!