Penelope & A Snow Day

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what my big news is from the weekend home...

Say hello to Penelope!

I love her :)  She's fantastic and I love her!  Well, Penelope got to experience her first snow day here in Washington, D.C.

I woke up this morning expecting to see snow, because that's what the weather forecast was.  Well, it was just a plain old parking lot and it was 38* outside.  I checked online and saw that the Federal Government and pretty much every school in Northern VA (except some in Arlington, sorry Erika D!) were closed.  I posted on Facebook just moments later: This is why, after living in Boston, I laugh at Virginia ~ it's 38* outside with no rain and no snow, yet EVERYTHING IS CLOSED! Silly government!

I knew that my work was open.  It's a hotel. We are always open!  So, I got ready as usual and bundled up expecting snow to come later.

Finally around 10:30am we started seeing flurries.  Then the snow really started coming down.  It was windy and crazy.  In order to get into our garage at work, you have to go down a decent decline.  There was a delivery van that had a lot of trouble getting back up today.  It kept sliding down and into the wall.  A co-worker of mine had to leave property and as she was leaving her car was slipping on the way up.  When she got back she parked on the street, so I decided to do the same.  Then I thought about driving a new car in the snow in the dark.  When I usually leave work it's already dark outside, so I left a little early.  

When I got back to Penelope she looked like this ~

On my drive home I realized how empty D.C. was.  Dad - I promise that I was at a Red Stop Light when I took these pictures!

It is crazy how quiet the city is when it's like this at 4pm on a Tuesday!

Franklin Square on 14th Street.  Just covered in snow.  It looks really peaceful!

I'm glad I left when I did, because the road was actually pretty slippery. I made sure to be very careful driving Penelope through my apartment's parking lot.  I backed her into a spot sort of far away, but not too far for in the morning!
It's so gloomy outside!  I got up to my apartment and turned my heat up and took a hot shower.  It's a crazy looking sky out there!

I hope you all enjoyed the snow day no matter how you spent it!
It's supposed to snow again on Thursday, so button up!

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