My 300th Post and 2 Songs I'm Loving right now!

I cannot believe that I have written 300 posts about what's going on in my life! Crazy!
Today is going to be another cold day with snow scattered through out.  I hope everyone getting this weather stays warm.

I'm not going to lie, I had no idea what to write about.  Go figure!  I have a milestone post and my mind is completely blank!  Over the past few weeks I have been "obsessed" with two songs in particular ~ 

I didn't like this song at first.  I thought I was "over" Britney.  Then I Believe in Story posted THIS and I realized how silly I've been.  Britney is a pop genius! The lyrics in Work B**ch are really very true.  If you want to party in France, you need to work for it.  If you want to look hot in a bikini (my favorite line), then you need to work for it!  Here's the video - please enjoy - you're welcome :)

Then there are these guys . . .

Yes, that is One Direction.  They are actually really talented! When I went home one weekend my mom had taped a Ryan Seacrest special where he was interviewing the band and they would perform songs from their new album Midnight Memories.  They started playing Story of My Life.  I had heard this song on the radio and really liked it, but had no idea that it was One Direction. In this video they use their actual family and family photos.  It's really creative. Take a look ~

Have a great day!