Hellooooooo Friday!

Let's jump right in, shall we?


{one} Last Saturday my brother and I went rock climbing at Sport Rock in Alexandria.  My brother has been climbing for years, especially when he lived in Park City.  He loves climbing and I had a blast with him on Saturday.  Next weekend we are both going home to Roanoke and we're going to do some more climbing.

{two} I'm am so ready for a new haircut that I am doing anything I can to hold on another week.  On Sunday I went crazy and parted my hair on the right side.  I'm a crazy person...I know!

{three} As we all know there was a massive arctic vortex that hit the world on Tuesday.  I'm not gonna lie, I was kind of hoping for an "ice" day. Haha!  I pulled these images off of www.msn.com

When I got to my car Tuesday morning it said that it was 5* outside. Freaking A it's cold outside!!!  I had left a bottle with some water in the car...it was a cube!

{four} One of the really cool things about living in Washington D.C. is all of the history.  I get to drive by this every morning on my way to work.  With the snow the Washington Monument looks so pretty!

{five}  On Friday I found out that all eight seasons of Dexter are on Netflix.  That's pretty much what I've been doing all week.  I had already seen the first five seasons, so it was just the last three that I needed to watch.  It's an awesome show!

Have a fabulous weekend!  Go link up and meet some awesome bloggers.  It will totally be worth your time!

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