Fashion and the Oscars

Fashion and the Oscars?  YEAH BABY!

With the Oscar Awards just around the corner, I start thinking about the fashion and the dresses and then I start thinking about the studly men!  Valerie from Paul Fredrick reached out to me and asked if I would help with their Spring Launch.  She sent me the link to the line and it is beautiful.  Now ladies, before you clicking away, this is fashion for me.

I'm writing this Wednesday night before the Oscar Nominations were announced, so I'm guessing that the three fabulous men below are nominated for Best Actor Awards.

Do you remember A Time To Kill?  With his southern drawl and scruffiness I can totally see him in this dress shirt with a tie and matching suspenders.  

To me, Tom Hanks is a classic kinda guy.  He made his television debut in 1980 on The Love Boat.  He has had a 34 year career with some amazing work.  With Tom's blue eyes, this shirt and tie combo would look so great on him!

You all know how I feel about Leonardo DiCaprio.  I heart him like crazy!  Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Marvin's Room, I could really keep listing movies that I love!  We usually see him in blues and blacks, but I think this purple tie would look amazing on him (Left).  Even the green tie in this picture looks awesome on him. I also think the Right picture with the three pairs would look great on Leo and any stylish man.
Leo's Purple Tie
Great lot for Leo and any man with some style

If a man in your life has birthday, anniversary, special event, big interview or work meeting coming up, then think about surprising him with something new and shiny to wear.  Or if he's just not into fashion at all and needs some fashion assistance, definitely check out Paul Fredrick.  The have a SALE going on right now where some of the shirts are 3 for $159. They don't have only dress shirts, but tons of items on their website.  You'll find suits, ties, pants, sports wear, sweaters, outterwear, and for the really tall men they have Big & Tall.  Don't just take my word for it, go check it out for yourself!