A Day in the Life...

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I did this post last week that was part of My Jolly Little Life's January blogathon.  Today's topic is "A Day in the Life of Me."  I hope you're ready for my craaaaazy life! I'm writing this on Tuesday, January 14th, so I'm going to just write as I go today.  Today happens to be pretty busy, because I have a group in house at the hotel.  Are you ready?  Here we go!!!!!

5:30am ~ alarm goes off.  i have to be at work early today (7:30am), because it's NASA's first day of meetings

7:00am ~ i leave for work.  it's super dreary, rainy, and still dark outside
7:30am ~ i arrive at work.  once i get to my office i create and print out reader boards for the group.  i go around to the different meeting rooms and place the readers inside.  
8:00am ~ of course the group's onsite contact, P, then let's me know that she changed the rooms around for the panels and i have to create new ones now.
9:00am-ish ~ P let's me know that she needs a telephone is their support suite meeting room.  the engineer that is working today isn't as familiar with the property, so it takes him a 1/2 hour to find a phone and bring it to the room.
9:30am ~ the phone isn't working!  P can call out, but cannot receive calls in.  this is fixed by 12:30pm :)
10:30am ~ another group (sleeping rooms only), we'll call them Z, starts arriving.  my front office team is fabulous and have made sure they are prepped for the group's arrival.
11:00am ~ Z asks for hot water. we bring him hot water.  no, he wants water in an electric kettle.  we go to cvs and get him one.  now he needs honey, coffee cups, lemons, a knife, a microwave and fridge!!!!!!
11:15am ~ i call Z myself to see what else he needed and to let him know that we were unaware of his needs.  he comes back and says, "it's not like you didn't know."  well, Z, we didn't know. your manager didnt' tell us!  my team was awesome and has gotten EVERYTHING requested.  Z is calm now.

11:30am ~ the NASA group has lunch on property each day this week.  the chef that was supposed to cook lunch didn't show up to cook! the kitchen is hustling around and trying to get lunch ready on time.  however, they don't have time to make salsa verde and they are out of olives! eek!  i make a quick run to whole foods and pick up some of the needed supplies.  i love whole foods :)

12:30pm ~ lunch time for erica! i had a turkey sandwich and an apple with my diet coke for lunch. 
1:00 - 4:45pm ~ desk work desk work desk work!
4:45pm ~ Tonight is the manager's outing with work, so I gotta put my "face" on.  It only takes a few minutes.  The Helix's Director of Housekeeping and I are heading over to China Town together to meet the gang at RFD bar.  It took a lot longer to get there than I thought it would.
6:00pm ~ We arrive at RFD :)  We left Helix around 5:15 and parked at the Verizon Center and walked up to RFD.  We were there with the group until about 6:30pm and then walked back over the VC for the game
6:45pm ~ We get to the Luxury Box and our Suite.  It was AWESOME!
The Helix Crew
The Capitals did not win...the Sharks won by a single point!  It was tied 1-1 and they went into overtime.  No one scored in overtime and it lead to a SHOOT OUT!  That's where we lost.  The Sharks one the shoot out by 1 point!  There was chicken wings, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and all kinds of snacks!  Itw as definitely a good time.
10:00pm ~ the game ended and it was time to go home. It was tough to get a cab.  I ended up walking from the Verizon Center to 14th & K street.  If you're not familiar with DC, that's a really long walk!
11:00pm ~ I get home to my lovely apartment and am exhausted.  Remember, I started my day at 5:30 this morning!  I took a hot shower and washed my auburn locks and got into bed
11:40pm ~ Bed feels soooo good!

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