Books for 2014

In the spirit of Thursday's Book Chat I'm going to talk about the books that I am determined to conquer in 2014.  There are soooo many books out there that I want to read.  There are soooo many books currently on my bookshelf that I haven't read. I registered on GoodReads in January and love it!  I saw that everyone was doing the reading challenge.  I originally thought I could read 40 books.  HAHA!  I was at 11 books in October, so I lowered my goal to 25.  Well, I'm on book #17 right now and as you can see I'm 8 books behind!  So, for 2014 I'm setting myself a goal of 20 books.

~ 20 is the goal and I have 10 books that I definitely plan on reading below for you ~ 

Books that been on my Shelf for A LONG TIME!
Kite Runner
The Red Tent
The Postmistress

The Book Thief
I've already started this, but I'm only about 50 pages into it.  I've been trying to get all of my Christmas movies in before tomorrow comes!

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
The third and final book to the Dragon Tattoo series!  The other two have been awesome and this one will be too...I can feel it!

The Forgotten Garden
I've attempted this book a few times and really want to finish it.  It's not that I haven't liked it.  I just haven't sat down and allowed myself to get into it.

The Night Road
This is a Kirsten Hannah book that I'm hoping is way better than Fly Away. I couldn't finish it, because it was so depressingly sad!

Then Again
This is Diane Keaton's autobiography.  I have a funny feeling that we have a lot in common.  Diane says that she couldn't write her story without talking to her mom.  Hello!  I couldn't either :)

The Longest Ride
This is the latest book by Nicholas Sparks.  I got it in September at the book signing. The main thing keeping me from reading it is that it's the last one until something new of his comes out. (frown)

There is also the Divergent trilogy that I want to read. As well as a few Jane Green books (if I can get through them.)  Patty Stanger's book Become Your Own Matchmaker that I started a while back and want to finish.  I can feel that 2014 will be my year for love :)

What about you?  Are there any books that you really want to read this year?  Tell me all about it below!