A Great Christmas Store!

While I was home for Thanksgiving we went to Steger Creek on black Friday. This is an AWESOME store for Christmas decorations.  I love coming in here every year.  They really "deck the halls" and make the store beautiful.  It's on the South West side of Roanoke, VA.  If you're ever passing through, you should definitely stop in.

They have shelves upon shelves of beautiful displays.

They certainly know how to decorate a tree! A Christmas Story anyone?

This Santa tree is at the front of the store right as you walk in.  What a wonderful thing to see when you first arrive!

Purple themes with Santa.

You know how I feel about snowmen :)

They have tons of these wooden signs with all different sayings.  I personally love the one in the middle, because it reminds me of It's A Wonderful Life.

You can't forget the classic Carol Singers.

I love this vintage glass ornament with the snowman on skates.  So cute!

Carol Singing Snowmen.

I LOVE snowbabies.  I have a few of them on my tree :)  This one was too cute.  A little snowbaby building a snow cat.  Two of my favorite things...snowmen(babies) and cats!

Here is a precious snowbaby holding onto a pole that says sweet dreams.

These little cuties are called "Snopinions" and they have little tags that tell you how the "feel."
The one on the left is "Feeling Flakey" and the one on the right is "Caffeinated."

She's "Is My Butt Too Big?"

This is not a paid advertisement.  I just love this store.  All opinions are my own.

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