Stuck in a Rut

This past week at work was Kimpton's annual RoadShow and this year it came to the Washington D.C. hotels.  Our Senior Vice President of Inspiration and Creativity, Steve P (who's been with the company for 30 years or so), visited each property.  He told us about the history of Kimpton, how Kimpton came to be, about the founder - Bill Kimpton, and most importantly - the Culture of Kimpton.  Work has been hard lately.  I have felt stuck and not as happy as I would like.  I've actually been thinking about finding something different.  But then I think, once the second hotel is off of my shoulders, then it will get better.  I'll know soon enough.

After the big RoadShow at my hotel, Steve P sat down with all the managers for a little "Fire Side Chat" and he said something pretty great.  Steve said something to the effect of this ~ "I bet you do the same thing every morning.  Whether it be getting up and washing your face, eating breakfast, working out, getting that first cup of coffee.  We tend to fall into a groove or a routine.  What this really is, is a rut.  What can you do to change your routine and get out of your rut?  We need to stop unconsciously going through our day."  He's totally right, but I never thought about it like that.

When people go on vacation and then come back to "life" aka work, you hear them say how it's nice to get back to a routine.  Well, some people anyways!  I never thought about a routine being a "rut."  I have definitely been in a big ol' rut lately.  How do I get out of this rut?  

That's right, I need to take responsibility for my situation.  There's no one else to blame for my rut.  I let my days get repetitive and I let myself get grumpy.  I let people get to me too easily.  Kimpton has a program where they reimburse you for classes.  Pretty much any kind of classes you want to take, as long as it will assist you in your job.  Up to $1,000 in a calendar year.  I'm going to start using it!  I am going to take an acting class.  Acting makes me feel alive.  This in turn will get my endorphins going and lift my spirits.  It will improve my attitude and therefore improve my work performance.  At least that's how I'm going to spin it if they ask! :-) 

I like my job, I do.  I really enjoy being a Conference Service Manager (the sales part not so much).  With Kimpton you have the opportunity to grow and move up and move somewhere you may have always wanted to go.  They showed a "future" map at the RoadShow and there are 2 future cities on there that I'm very interested in ~ Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC.  I'll get there to one of them.  But first I've got to get myself out of this rut!