My Thankful List

I was scrolling through Bloglovin and came across Back East Blonde's post for the day - An Unconventional Thankful List.  What a great idea!  Of course I'm thankful for my family, friends, and their support.  I'm thankful for being employed and being able to support myself.  I'm thankful for my health.  What about the little things...and I mean the really little things?  I have put together a list of some things that I'm thankful for that you might think is silly :)

1.  PicMonkey ~ I love this website.  My best friend, Lindsay, introduced it to me.  I am able to edit, crop, fancy up my pictures.  Without PicMonkey, I wouldn't be able to do this (above).
2.  My Eye Glasses ~ They hide my eyebrows when I haven't had a chance to groom them in a while.  Also, on days that I choose not to wear makeup, they are good face hiders.  Oh, and they help me see :)
3.  My Warm Snuggly Slippers ~ They keep my feets warm.
4.  Target ~ I mean, come on!
5.  Sales ~ The shopping kind of sales.  Without sales I really couldn't ever buy new clothes.
6.  Barnes & Noble ~ I love books and I love walking into BN.  It's my happy store.
7.  Winnie the Pooh ~ This famous teddy bear is so lovable and cute.  I can pop The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh into my DVD player and my spirits will be lifted!
8.  Nicholas Sparks ~ He's my favorite author.  I know that when I pick up one of his books I will not be disappointed.  Plus, his books always turn into movies that I absolutely always have to see.
9.  Orthodontia ~ My parents got me braces in 8th grade.  I will forever be thankful for my lovely straight teeth.
10.  Hair Color ~ I'm too young to be graying (whiting really)!  Thank goodness for Clairol Perfect 10 in Light Auburn.. It's $13 and the closest to my natural hair color that I've ever found.  Go on Grays - Be Gone!
11.  Scales ~ They may not always be my friend, but at least their honest.  It's a much needed wake up call sometimes.
12.  The Four Seasons ~ A big reason why I moved back east from California was because I missed the seasons.  Getting into winter now, I don't miss having spring/summer all year round.
13.  Vaseline ~ The best stuff ever!  Without it my lips would be a mess.
14.  Cats & Kittens ~ I love them!  They are so cute and furry and friendly.
15.  Snowmen ~ They are always happy with a smile on their faces. Plus, it means snow and I love snow!
16.  Movies ~ I love them...I wanted to be in them...sorta still do!  They are fantastic.
17.  Live Theater ~  There's nothing like live theater.  With an audience it's a different show every night.
18.  Vampire Diaries ~ Damon Salvatore.

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