High Five For Friday

I firstly want to make a shout out to my 6 new followers this week!  Thanks guys!!!

I am so glad it is Friday!  This week has been one for the books and I am wishing it was 6pm already!  I did have some pretty fun moments from the week.  
Check them out!

1.  On Friday I got a phone call...from my Brother!  He was bored and wanted to go out.  So, I had him pick me up and we went out in Arlington.  He seemed to have fun and it was fun being able to hang out with my brother last minute.  I'm glad to have him in the same city.  I tend to be a homebody and I think he's like that too, especially since he has his dog now.  We were both just sitting at home on a Friday night.  We should do this more often!

2. I was on my way to work on Wednesday and my mom told me that Darius Rucker is coming to my hometown in March for a concert. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I am NOT going to miss this concert.  I can't wait for him to sing "Wagon Wheel" and the crowd go wild when he sings the line "Walkin' to the South out of Roanoke..."  it's going to be AWESOME!!!!

3.  I found this on Pinterest...'nuff said!

4.  I was strolling through Target this week while on the phone with my momma.  I was walking past the music department and had a total OMG moment!  CELINE DION HAS A NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!
I had no idea and was totally stunned.  It's fantastic, I love it, I love her.  She's FABULOUS!

5.  I was at Whole Foods getting lunch one day this week and while in line I found this SUPER CUTE bag!
Not only is there a cat wearing a hat, carrying an umbrella while riding on a bike on the bag...but the other side has the cat and that man building a snowman!  My 2 favorite things...cats and snowmen.

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's High Five For Friday.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you on Sunday for Sunday Social!