Currently I'm...

I haven't done a post like this is good while, so I thought I would throw one into the mix. 


Currently I'm . . .

Reading | Fly Away, by Kristen Hannah.  This is the sequel to Firefly Lane. I just started it last night and it's already fantastic.  I'm also reading By The Time You Read This, by Lola Jaye.  It's about a manual that a father wrote for his daughter right before he died when he was 30.  She is now 12 and receiving the manual for the first time!

Writing | Cards to send out wishing those that I love a Happy Thanksgiving and this blog post :)

Listening | The Holiday on the television.

Thinking | what I'm going to do while I'm home in Roanoke all next week. I'm thinking there will be lots of reading, writing, and some much needed exercise! I'm also thinking that tomorrow is pay day and I have to pay bills. Yuck!

Smelling | the yummy Glade candles buring in my cinnamon!

Eating | apple and peanut's a yummy dessert.

Drinking |'s good for you :)

Wishing | it was already the weekend because I would be headed home!

Hoping | that I can find an affordable television on Black Friday (should I finance one???).

Wearing | my pink Ann Taylor Loft sweat pants and an Aids Walk t-shirt.

Loving | the chilly weather we're having here in northern Virginia right now.

Wanting | ...I'm not sure what I'm wanting right now.

Needing | a vacation!  Yay for Thanksgiving "break."

Feeling | relieved!  I have officially turned over DNV to the new service manager.  WooHoo!

Clicking | through Bloglovin' and Pinterest

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