A little bit of Instagram

I thought I would share a little of my Instagrams with you.  I'm not a photographer by any means and sometimes my posts are weird, but that's the world we live in right?  Check it out some of my favorite pictures that I've posted recently. . . 

 The other day I was waiting for the elevator in the morning.  When the door opened there were two pairs of jeans just hanging there.  Weird!

This empty file folder is where I kept all the contract files for DNV.  It's empty now..yay!

This was early (5am) one morning when I went to the gym.  I really like going to the gym in the morning.  I need to start doing that again.  With this next week off I'm going to work out every day.  No excuses!

This is the beautiful fall view from my apartment window.  I love fall with the changing leaves.  So pretty!  I also love that I can see the Washington Monument (far right) and the National Catherdral (waaaaaay out there sort of in the middle) from my window.  I can also see the Capitol Building, but it's not in the picture.

My friend Kathleen joined me in Arlington one night with some co-workers.  They were there to watch the Ohio State vs Penn State game.  Me and Kathleen were more interested in the Red Sox vs. Cardinals game.

 I love this movie! Every girl wants a Lloyd Dobler :)  This was also my first BluRay purchase.

This is Sir Butters, my brother's Bernese Mountain Dog.  He's such a sweetie.  He's a massive dog though!  He'll be at my parents house when I go home this weekend, so I need to make sure to wear Butters-Proof clothing!

Good Ol' Starbucks.  When mom came up to visit in October she was in desperate need of Starbucks.  We went to the one inside my Target.  They spelled my name right!

I love the Jasmine Green Tea from Trader Joe's.  When mom and I went to NYC and had High Tea at the Plaza I drank their Jasmine Green Tea and I loved it.  I was so happy to find it at Trader Joe's.

Oh Instagram!  I try to use it more often than not.  I like the different filters that we can edit pictures with.  If you want to follow me you can go here *MY INSTAGRAM*.