What's on Your Fridge?

I was hanging out in my apartment yesterday and for some reason I looked up at my fridge at all of the things I have on it.  I thought, I wonder what other people put on their fridge?  I know that my mom keeps her fridge pretty clutter free.  On the side she has pictures of people on it; family and friends and announcements.  
I like to keep my fridge pretty clutter free too.  Here's what's on mine ~ 

I love magnets...but pretty and cool ones.  It has to be a pretty awesome magnet to go on my fridge ~
2. Daughters are awesome
3. Call Mom or She Won't Send Money
4. Hollywood
8. Flamingo from Florida from Jacq
12. The company my dad works for.
All my fabulous lady bug clip magnets...love them!

5. Grocery List Making
6. This salmon looks sooo yummy!
7. Baby Vincent - my friend Steph's sweet little boy.
9. My "before" picture
10. Jillian Michaels - She's my inspiration.
11.  Jennifer Aniston - I just love her!  She's so cute and totally my girl crush :)

What's on your fridge?