High Five For Friday

Yay for Friday!
This is my first #H54F in quite some time :)  I am loving fall and loving everything about fall!

1.  I know it's autumn when Trader Joe's starts putting out their seasonal items.  My favorite is their pumpkin bread!  It's also time to warm up while inside.  I love wearing my fuzzy Target slippers and Target over sized sweater to keep warm and cuddly while at home.

2.  My brother is so very thoughtful :)  He knows how much I love Bacon and he saw a 2014 I Love Bacon calendar at the store and picked it up for me.

3.  Monday was my LAST day in court.  Remember how I talked about my "wake up call" in this post?  Well, on Monday I went to court for the third and final time for this ticket.  We got exactly what we wanted and I can now put it all behind me.  I won't be dragging this into 2014 with me.  Trust me, a lesson LEARNED!
Celebratory Diet Coke after court :) at Cheesecake Factory for lunch with mom!

4.  I bought my very first Blu-Ray movie this week.  It's an awesome movie, an absolute classic - Say Anything.  Ahhhhh, Lloyd Dobler...so romanctic!

5. The Good Wife is my new TV series hooked on show.  I love this show; it's so good!  I'm on season 2 right now and I can't stop watching it.

It's been quite a week and I'm very much looking forward to the weekend.  

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