All of this Social Media!

Facebook and Twitter and Instagram - Oh Mi!  Oh, and don't forget Pintrest :)

There are so many social media outlets out there right now and I'm having a hard time keeping up!  Facebook I've been using since after college.  I still use it and am a pretty active user.  I like being able to keep up with my friends and family that are in other cities and states.  I've a very private Facebook user, but do have my Looking to the Stars Facebook page.

Twitter - that's a whole other ball game!  I had to ask my 20 year old employee how to use this. #Hashtag what?  I like Twitter.  I didn't really use it very much until I started my blog.  There aren't too many people that I work with that I follow or are following me on Twitter.  I like to follow actors, news channels, writers, and other bloggers.  I changed my handle on Twitter to be more focused on my blog ( my Twitter page). I'm still getting the hang of it. I'm learning to tweet conversationally.  I just have to keep it up more regularly.  Sometimes I feel like my life isn't exciting enough to be tweeting about all the time.  I guess I just need to get more creative.

I freaking love Instagram.  I get to see all of the fabulous blogger friends that I have met in real life (all most).  One of them lives in Germany and just yesterday she posted pictures and it is amazing!  I also like following cat people :)  Yes, I'll probably end up that crazy cat lady, but they're just so cute!!!!  I love Instagram.

Pinterest is fantastic!  When I was in a food slump and needed some salad ideas I went straight to Pinterest and I found these ~

Hello...AWESOME!  It gave me some great ideas for lunch salads.  It's also great for home ideas and tons of recipes, and style help (I need that).  Pinterest is so much fun too.  I can be on that website all day.

All of this stuff is great, I can only imagine what they'll think of next!

A Halloween Social Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone.  I hope you all had a fabulous week and a fabulous weekend so far.  This week's Sunday Social is all about Halloween!  I can't believe it's next week!!!  Any big plans ~ parties ~ taking the little ones Trick-or-Treating?  I'll be carving a pumpkin tonight for my work's department pumpkin carving contest tomorrow:)  Check out today's questions and then check out Ashley and Neely!

1.  What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
I was always one of two things ~ a black cat or a witch.  I switched off every other year!

2.  If you could go back to your childhood and dress up as something, what would it be?
I always wanted to dress up as Pippy Long Stocking, but never did.  That is what I would want to be!

3.  What is your favorite costume as an adult?
Let's see, I was a Ladybug one year, a Pink Lady from Grease a lot of years (my back-up go-to costume), but my favorite has been Miss Wonderland. 

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
I love good ol' M&Ms in the Halloween colors.

5.  What is your favorite Halloween memory?
When we lived in Latrobe, PA we had a big front porch at our house.  My dad used to dress up in a utility man's outfit and wear a wolf mask.  Then he would sit on the porch and be still until the kids came up to the door to trick-or-treat.  He would jump up and scare the crap out of everyone.  It was awesome!

6.  What is your favorite scary movie?
Oh, gosh there are so many of them!  The Conjuring was really good and so was The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

That's it for me today.  I hope you enjoyed!

High Five For Friday

Yay for Friday!
This is my first #H54F in quite some time :)  I am loving fall and loving everything about fall!

1.  I know it's autumn when Trader Joe's starts putting out their seasonal items.  My favorite is their pumpkin bread!  It's also time to warm up while inside.  I love wearing my fuzzy Target slippers and Target over sized sweater to keep warm and cuddly while at home.

2.  My brother is so very thoughtful :)  He knows how much I love Bacon and he saw a 2014 I Love Bacon calendar at the store and picked it up for me.

3.  Monday was my LAST day in court.  Remember how I talked about my "wake up call" in this post?  Well, on Monday I went to court for the third and final time for this ticket.  We got exactly what we wanted and I can now put it all behind me.  I won't be dragging this into 2014 with me.  Trust me, a lesson LEARNED!
Celebratory Diet Coke after court :) at Cheesecake Factory for lunch with mom!

4.  I bought my very first Blu-Ray movie this week.  It's an awesome movie, an absolute classic - Say Anything.  Ahhhhh, Lloyd romanctic!

5. The Good Wife is my new TV series hooked on show.  I love this show; it's so good!  I'm on season 2 right now and I can't stop watching it.

It's been quite a week and I'm very much looking forward to the weekend.  

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What's on Your Fridge?

I was hanging out in my apartment yesterday and for some reason I looked up at my fridge at all of the things I have on it.  I thought, I wonder what other people put on their fridge?  I know that my mom keeps her fridge pretty clutter free.  On the side she has pictures of people on it; family and friends and announcements.  
I like to keep my fridge pretty clutter free too.  Here's what's on mine ~ 

I love magnets...but pretty and cool ones.  It has to be a pretty awesome magnet to go on my fridge ~
2. Daughters are awesome
3. Call Mom or She Won't Send Money
4. Hollywood
8. Flamingo from Florida from Jacq
12. The company my dad works for.
All my fabulous lady bug clip them!

5. Grocery List Making
6. This salmon looks sooo yummy!
7. Baby Vincent - my friend Steph's sweet little boy.
9. My "before" picture
10. Jillian Michaels - She's my inspiration.
11.  Jennifer Aniston - I just love her!  She's so cute and totally my girl crush :)

What's on your fridge?

To Facebook or Not To Facebook...

...that is the question.

I remember when Facebook was brand new.  2005 it came to the campus of George Mason in Virginia.  I was a senior in college and getting ready to graduate.  People were getting OBSESSED with it.  I didn't really know how to use it and never got the hang of it.  In 2006 when I moved to Los Angeles I started a Facebook account again to keep in touch with people from back home and college.  I've been on it ever since.

I get in moods sometimes where I want all the Facebook friends I can get.  Then I get in a mood where I don't want certain people to know what's going on in my life.  I go through deletion phases and then I re-add people.  I'll post pictures and then I'll take pictures down.  It's so annoying to me when people get mad at you for deleting them from your Facebook page.  First of all, person, I haven't seen or talked to you in forever.  We aren't actually friends. Did you wish me a Happy Birthday?  It's only Facebook.  I think it's ridiculous that people have thousands of Facebook friends (no offense to anyone who does...this is all my personal opinion).  Do you know every single one of them?  If you do...awesome.  It's one thing to have a fan page (Looking to the Stars FB Page) and have tons of followers, so don't get me wrong, my fellow bloggers.  I'm talking more of our personal life pages.

Honesty is a big thing for me.  "Our days of deception have officially ended.  Our cell phones are tracked.  Text messages and pictures live on the servers forever.  Every person out there with a cell phone can be considered a film maker, photographer, and writer.  We are triangulated, photographed, cookied, and pinged at every turn.  Computers know more about us now than we know about ourselves.  It's no longer a question of when you'll get caught in a lie, but a question of when?" (Aisha Tyler - Glamour Mag article).

You're probably wondering what this has to do with Facebook, right?  Well, I'll tell you.  I'm not going to get too detailed, because this person's identity needs to be kept private.  Let's just say that I was told a very specific thing in regards to a celebration event.  I later found out that it wasn't the truth. It was actually an event that I was lied straight to the face about.  How did I find this out...FACEBOOK.  The funny thing was, this person didn't post anything about it, but the person's friend did.  They probably thought I would never know or find out.  But I did and it hurt.  I felt deceived and somewhat betrayed.  There have been so many things in the last year where the universe has been trying to tell me something about this person.  Now I get it.

After that happened I decided to delete my Facebook account.  I had been thinking about it for a while and this was the last straw for me.  I lasted 1 week :)  I missed seeing what some of my real friends were doing.  Especially the ones that live out of town that I hardly get to see.  So, I got back on.  But boy, did I clean house!  I now have 127 Facebook friends and yes, I know every single one of them.  I would call these people up if I was in their town and I would invite all of them to my fabulous Christmas party!  I am more particular now than ever.  Only my Facebook friends can see what I post on my wall and on other Facebook friends' wall.

Along with honesty is respecting ones' privacy.  This is all something that has been sitting on my shoulders and I wanted to share it with my internet friends :)  I am not intending to offend anyone with my opinion of Facebook.  I do think it has great qualities and the fact that I get to keep in touch with the people that do matter and do love me and that I love back is amazing.  I like to consider myself an honest person.  I wouldn't tell someone something and then do the complete opposite and then magnify it online.  The internet can be a dangerous web of all sorts of information.  I guess what I'm saying is be honest with yourself and be honest with others.  That's really what it's all about!

Here is a fun picture of my favorite vampire...mostly because I don't like posting without pictures :)

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday!  Yes, I'm back from the "dead."  I took a bit of an unplanned hiatus from the blogging world.  Work has been nutzo and when I get home all I want to do is NOTHING!  I have all of these ideas for blog posts in my head and I wanted to get back in the game.  What a better way than a Sunday Social.  I haven't done a Sunday Social in quite some time.  This week's questions are pretty cool.  Check them out.

1. What do you value most in life?
Definitely my family.  Without them I don't know what I'd do.  I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my family.  I'm super close with my mom; she's basically my best friend!  My dad is up here a lot for work, so I get to see him every now and then.  My brother just moved here from Utah, so I'll get to see him a lot more!  WooHoo!

2. What do you think is the best invention in your life and why?
The HDMI cable that connects my computer to my television.  I don't have cable, so I hook my computer up to my TV to watch Hulu.  It's almost like I do have cable! :)

3.  What do you think is the secret to a good life?
Honesty.  Being honest with yourself and with others.

4.  What would you most like to be remembered for when you're gone?
Being Kind...and my love for the Christmas season :) - 66 days until Christmas!!!!!!!!!

5.  What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
Having moved to California to pursue a career in acting.  I can say I tried.  It was tough, but I don't regret a single moment.  The "accomplishment" part is that I followed a dream instead of getting stuck in my home town and not having tried.  Dreams change.  I once wanted to be a movie star.  I'm not going to lie, it would still be nice, but I want a family.  Husband, children, a home to take care of.  That's my new dream and it will happen when the moment is right.

Have a fabulous Sunday :) xoxoxo

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