Shape Up Update Vol 3

It's been a little over a month now since I started my "Diet Coke Project."  When I started my Shape Up Journey I was at 152.2.  Well, I gained some weight last month and when I weighed at home in Roanoke on August 31 I was at 157...eek!  Well, I decided to get my butt moving for real this time.  While I was home I worked out almost every day

Thursday - 8/29 - 3 miles on the Greenway
Friday - 8/30 - full weight circuit, abs, 30 minutes on the treadmill
Saturday - 8/31 - ziplining
    weighed in at 157lbs
Sunday - 9/1 - 3 miles on the Greenway

Good trip home!
I came home to NOVA on Sunday and continued my work outs.

Monday - 9/2 - 3 miles in Shirlinton
Tuesday - 9/3 - full weight circuit and abs at the gym
Wednesday - 9/4 - 4 miles between DC and Shirlington
Nothing Thursday - Sunday

I weighed on Saturday and the scale said 151.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I lost 6 pounds!!!

It's all about the movement.  Yesterday I did 3 miles in Shirlington and today I'm going to hit the weights at the gym and do a little cardio as well.  I knew that I wasn't moving enough before, but now this is even more proof!  I am even more motivated than I was before.  I've never lost that much weight in 1 week.

Here's to getting my butt moving!