Movie Monday ~ The Sci-Fi Remake

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Did everyone get rain on Saturday?  At least Sunday turned out to be a beautiful fall day!  I didn't get out to the movie theater this weekend, but I did rent some movies from Redbox.  The one I'm writing about today is Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I grew up with Star Trek in my life.  My dad is a HUGE Star Trek fan.  Particularly the Captain Picard days on Next Generation.  He has seen all of the Star Trek movies.  When the first remake of Star Trek came out in theaters in 2009 I asked my dad what movie I should watch to prepare for it.  He suggested I watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982).  So I did and I actually really liked it! I don't think I had seen a Star Trek movie before that.  I went and saw the new Trek movie and it was good.  I was impressed and my dad was so proud!

My parents had seen Into Darkness in the theaters back in May when it came out and really liked it.  They told me that it was basically a remake of The Wrath of Khan.  Because I had really liked the original I was concerned that I wouldn't like the new Star Trek movie.  I didn't end up seeing it in theaters, but finally decided to rent it this weekend.  I honestly really couldn't tell, but it had also been about four years since I had seen it.  The Into Darkness movie was pretty good.  Chris Pine is HOT!  He really does make a good Captain James Kirk.

There was one thing about the movie that was weird - their cell phones!  They had flip phones :) haha!  The movie takes place in the year 2259.55 (that's what it said on the screen) and they had flip phones!  Also, we see Kirk wake up in bed with 2 "girls."  They were alien of some sort with tails and gills.  It was weird!

It got me thinking about another sci-fi remake - Total Recall.  I had never seen the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I knew the one with Colin Farrell was coming out.  I borrowed it from a friend and to my absolute surprise I really liked it!  I went with a friend to see the new one and was actually disappointed.  I really really liked the one with Arnold!  Of course, the graphics in the new one were better, but I thought the story line was so much better in the 1990 version.  It just made more sense and flowed a lot better.  Plus, how can you not like a midget stripper!  Hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by for Movie Monday!  Have a great week!

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