Movie Monday ~ FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

Happy Movie Monday!  Fall is totally upon us and you know what that means...


I've always been a fan of sports movies, especially football movies.  With football season starting  yesterday I have been watching some of my favorites.

We Are Marshall
This is a bit of a sad story that turns out happy.  The Marshall University football team has a tragic accident in a plane crash and they all perish.  Matthew McConaughey plays the football coach that comes to Marshall and brings them all together.  It's such a great story!

Remember the Titans
"We are the Titans the Mighty Mighty Titans!"
I just loves this movie!  Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling..woohoo!  Plus it takes place in Alexandria, VA.  The other cool part of this true story is that my dentist from Roanoke, VA played in the final game and "Roanoke Stadium" aka - Victory Stadium.  The movie has a great soundtrack too.

Varsity Blues
This is another fun movie.  It's not a true story like the other two are, but it's cool.  Paul Walker  and James Van Der Beek (he doesn't do a very good southern accent).  

Do you have any favorite sports movies?