Money Freeze Update

I started my Money Freeze on August 12th.  It has now been 25 days, so I thought I would update you on my progress.  The first 20 days turned out to be "let's see how I normally spend my money."  I did not do well with the freeze.  I looked through my money notebook to find out how I unnecessarily spent some money  ~ 

Target for only God knows what
McDonalds (don't judge)
3 trips to Daily 14 for breakfast sandwiches
DSW on new shoes...I had a BDay coupon
Austin Grill for happy hour
Chipotle for lunch one day
7 Eleven for a diet coke
Ping for dinner one night
rejoining Netflix
Red Box
Whole Foods for lunch one day

A total of $205.43

Gee, looking at that list it's no wonder that I'm not losing weight! You don't realize how much it adds up until you see it like this.  With $200 extra dollars I could have put that towards paying off my credit card!  I went over my expenses on Monday evening and have already notated what each September paycheck is going towards.

September has some extra bills that are huge - Property Tax and Car Registration.  Those two are taking a chunk out that I won't be able to put towards other bills.  Had I not spent $200 on frivolous things, then I could have put that towards those other bills.  I'll learn one day.  I'm learning right now.  That's all you can do, right.  Learn as you go...learn from your mistakes.  Life's about learning.  If I would stop spending my money on trips to Daily 14, 7 Eleven, and Whole Foods I would be eating better and losing weight.  For things like this I need to put forth the effort and prepare my lunch the night before.  Also wake up early enough to make breakfast.  I know I've said it before, but I'm treating September and my 30th birthday as a fresh start.