A Great Gift Idea

As you know...how could you not...I turned 30 last week.  This is the second to last time I'll mention it :)  #H54F is coming up, ya know!  Anywho, my mom had been trying to think of something since this was a big birthday for me.  Boy did she nail it on the head!  My mom actually found this idea on another blog (don't know which one, thought).  It's "30 Presents for 30 Years."  You can really do this for any age at all.  It was so much fun to open up the 30 presents.  My mom kept everything under $10 and they were all very practical.  Take a look at some of what she got me...

I was totally surprised when she brought this bag out!  Her and my dad worked so hard to collect everything.  They were exhausted from shopping and wrapping every single individual item! 

Oh and I had to unwrap them in numerical order.

1.Daughter book  2. Ladybug Spatula  3. I Love Bacon dish towel  4. I Love Bacon Magnet  5. Winnie the Pooh DVD  6. Twizzlers  7. Season 1 of Boy Meets World  8. Sesame Sticks from Fresh Market  9. Season 2 of Boy Meets World  10. Betty Boop Car Strap Cover  11. Daisy Air Freshener for car  12.  Spin Brush Tooth Brushes  13. A new Hand Towel  14. Silk Pillow Case  15. Shower Cap  16. New Bath Towel  17. Essie Nail Polish  18. "E"  19. Apple Cinnamon Infuser  20. Workout Top  21. Subway Gift Card  22. Fancy Cakes  23. Regal Cinema Gift Card  24. Bath and Body Works Gift Card  25. Paris Lotion  26. iTunes Gift Card  27. "E" Note Cards  28. Journal  29. Daughter Magnet  30. Wine Goblet and Tiffany & Co. Necklace

This was a funny one, because that night at dinner I ordered the bacon vinaigrette dressing for my salad!  Bacon just makes everything better.

I love ladybugs!  I probably won't ever  use this, because I'm afraid that it will take the design away.  It's really pretty in my kitchen, though.

I was so surprised to find a Tiffany & Co. teal box!  So excited that I cried...

The necklace is sterling silver with my birthstone in it.  The sides are engraved.  One side says "Erica" and the other side says "8-28-13" so I will always remember when I got it (and when I turned 30).

This was probably one of the coolest gift ideas that I've seen and received.  Thanks mom!  It was definitely a birthday that I won't forget!

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