WWJD - Part 1: Eat & Move

Welcome to my four part series ~ What Would Jillian Do - Jillian Michaels that is.  She's my hero and I just finished her book Slim for Life and she has changed my life, well Jillian and my mom!  I'm not one to buy diet books, but she's my health and fitness idol and I know she knows what she's talking about.  Her book is designed to help you with the life you already live, by making realistic adjustments.  It's not a book that will instruct you in a diet that lasts a certain amount of time.  It's about changing your lifestyle.  It's like what my Weight Watchers leader said on Saturday, "This isn't something we're gonna do for a little while and then stop.  This is our way of life moving forward."  She's so right!!!  Needless to say I went highlighter crazy and I wanted to share some awesome tips!

The first chapter is about Eating!
Those who tracked their food daily kept off as much as twice the weight as those who tracked it one day a week or less. This goes really well with my Weight Watchers.  I'm not the best tracker, but I'm doing well so far this week :) .  She gives you her "top ten must avoid whenever possible list" and what you can find them in! Of course I had read that high fructose corn syrup was bad for you, but I didn't think it was in canned veggies and cereal!  Jillian lists seasonal fruits and vegetables and suggests eating them mostly when they're in season. This is something that I have heard before, but didn't really know what food is what season.  This was super helpful!

Jillian lists foods that make great snacks and a list of examples to help you figure out what 100 calories actually are.
Snack Examples: 1 small apple and 7 walnuts / 1 tbsp peanut butter on 5-7 whole-grain crackers / 1 cup sliced veggies dipped in 1/4 cup hummus / 1/8 cup air-popped popcorn / 6 or 7 pita chips with 2 tbsp of black bean dip and 2 tbsp of sliced avacado
What is 100 calories: 14 potato or corn chips / 1 can of soda (8.2 oz) / 4.3 oz white wine / 8 ounces of beer / 1 1/2 tablespoons ranch dressing / 2 1/2 oreo sandwich cookies / 3 tbsp Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream / 1.1 oz McDonald's french fries (kid's portion)

DON'T DRINK YOUR CALORIES!!!!!!!!!  Duh :)  We should all know this - sodas and juices are loaded with sugar and send your insulin levels skyrocketing.  They don't have fiber to keep you full, so you've just drunk 100+ calories of liquid sugar yet you're still hungry!
~I've been doing really well not drinking soda.  Even though Diet Coke doesn't have any calories, it's loaded with sodium.  I've gotten totally hooked on the Giant brand of Raspberry Lime Flavored Seltzer Water.  There's nothing in it!  No Sodium and No Aspartame.  It helps me get my water intake and it's bubbly delicious. I love it!

Chapter 2 is about "Moving" aka Exercise!!
Dress the part!  Magazines tell you this all the time and it's so true.  Not only do you want to look cute while working out (helps me get to the gym), but you want to be comfortable.  Your clothes should be able to breathe and your shoes should fit just right.

Jillian says that it doesn't matter when you work out.  As long as it's 4 to 6 times a week, any time of day. Two of those days should be strength training.  She gives some really great exercises and also when it comes to strength training she advised you on what muscles to work together.  Jillian says that you burn more calories for longer from strength training, but you still need cardio.  She definitely recommends a five-minute warm up.

Jillian gives an example schedule of when to do cardio and when to do strength training.  My thing with strength training is that I'm not good at figuring what exercises to do.  That's what I've got my Marcy :)  Jillian does give some workouts and I think most of them I can do!  Here's hoping!

There's a ton of other stuff in the second chapter about muscles that I'm not even going to try to explain.  I really recommend the book!

Now when I eat and exercise I think - What would Jillian do?  Do I want her in front of my treadmill yelling at me?  Do I want her yelling at me when I eat too much pizza?  No, I don't!  She's only yelling at me, because she wants to help me.  I know my mom would do the same thing.  Now I need to start doing it for myself!

Do you have any food and exercise tips you live by?  Share them below!  Next week I'll talk about chapters three and four.