The ABC's of Me!

I thought I would help you get to know me a little bit better, so here are the ABC's of Me! Enjoy :)

A: attached or single --> i'm single and looking to mingle ;-)
B: best friend --> my bestie Lindsay and my momma ~ i don't know what i would do without these two women in my life

C: cake or pie --> 2 c's ~ chocolate cake
D: day of choice --> sunday ~ it's definitely a pajama day, blogging day, and just plain old relaxation
E: essential item --> my burt's beeswax for sure. i don't leave home without it

F: favorite color --> if you hadn't figured it out already, it's purple
G: gummy bears or worms --> definitely bears, the Haribo Gummy Bears
H: hometown --> Roanoke, VA
I: indulgence --> pizza for sure

J: january or july --> january ~ it's a fresh start over
K: kids --> one day, hopefully
L: letterman or leno --> their both pretty funny, but i think i'm a jay leno fan more so than david letterman
M: movie --> Mystic Pizza is my all time favorite movie

N: number of siblings --> just 1, my brother.  he's 15 months younger than me and a pretty cool dude!

O: oranges or apples --> i'm definitely an apple girl, especially with peanut butter!
P: phobias --> theater superstitions and being afraid of the dark...i know, it sounds silly
Q: quote --> "to be or not to be, that is the question."
R: reasons to smile --> my family and friends...and my 8am chats with mom on our separate ways to work
S: season of choice --> autumn ~ can't wait for fall!
T: time for bed --> should be around 9:30pm
U: unknown fact --> ooh...if i told you, then i'd have to kill you!
V: vegetable --> carrots!
W: worst habit --> saving money
X: x-men character --> rogue

Y: yummy --> my favorite food would be LASAGNA...i know, you thought it was pizza :)
Z: zodiac sign --> virgo

Tell me a little more about you!!!!!!!!!!

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