Movie Monday #9 ~ Guilty Pleasures

Do you have those movies that you consider your "go-to's" when you need a pick me up?  I love me some Meg Ryan Movies ~ You've Got Mail, Sleepless In Seattle, When Harry Met Sally.  Also my Sandra Bullock movies ~ Practical Magic, The Proposal, Hope Floats.  Those are typical favorite chick flicks.  

Or how about those movies that you wouldn't necessarily admit to ABSOLUTELY LOVING? Well, I definitely have a few.

Daddy Day Care!  This movie just makes me happy.  It's so cute seeing three grown men (Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, and Steve Zahn) dealing with a dozen toddlers!  Two dad's get laid off from their jobs the decide to open "Daddy Day Care" to make some extra money while taking care of their own kids and they bring a friend along for the ride.  They had no idea what they were getting into!  I love the kid who won't take the Flash costume off and the other kid who is speaking what his mom thinks is jibberish.  When Steve Zahn's character, Marvin, joins in wearing his Star Trek shirt we find out the kid has been speaking Klingon the entire time!  Also there's Becca and Jamie put makeup all over Phil while he's sleeping.    

I would have to say that Wild Hogs would have to be my absolute favorite guilty pleasure movie.  I may have mentioned before that Tim Allen reminds me of my own father.  Totally!  Tim Taylor the Tool Man from Home Improvement is my dad!  Those guys and their 30 minute projects.  Well, this movie is about four middle aged men going through a sorta mid-life-crisis.  All of these guys are hilarious in this movie - Woody, John Travolta, has been deserted by his model-wife and is broke. Doug, Tim Allen, is a local dentist who can't find a way to relate to his son.  Bobby, Martin Lawrence, is walked all over by his wife.  Then there is Dudley, William H. Macy, who is afraid of women.  Together these friends go on a road trip to have some man-bonding time.  Along the way they meet a homosexual state trooper who would actually like to join in on their fun, a band of bad biker dudes that want them dead, and a cute town called Madrid where Dudley meets the love of his life.  

This is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies, Casper.  I saw this movie at the Grandin Theater when I was in sixth grade.  I was completely in love with Devon Sawa.  I got this movie as a present (can't remember if it was birthday or Chirstmas) and I watched it so many times that I memorized Christina Ricci's lines.  I still know them to this day.  I used to want to live in Friendship, Maine (that's where the movie takes place).  I still kind of do :)  

All of these movies make me laugh.  When I need a fun-movie-pick-me-up, I usually put one of these in.  They make me smile :-)  Sometimes people make fun of me for liking these movies, but I never really understood why.  They are fun, friendly, clean, family films for kids of all ages!  I will definitely introduce Casper to my kids one day.

Do you have any guilty pleasure movies?  Tell me about them!  Thanks for joining me on this late Movie Monday! #L2SMoveiMon on Twitter.