Movie Monday ~ 2 Guns

Happy Monday everyone!  Over the weekend I checked out the new, explosive crime drama 2 Guns.

I was pleasantly surprised with 2 Guns.  There are so many super hero movies and cheesy cop movies out right now and through the summer...sorry Sandra B...I can't take The Heat!  I love Denzel and I love Mark Walhlberg.  Together, I love them even more.  These two actors tend to play serious roles.  Even in action movies they're super serious bad guys.  Even when Wahlberg is the good guy he's so dark.  In 2 Guns Washington and Wahlberg play off each other quite well.  Wahlberg is most certainly the comic relief!

This team of undercover agents posing as drug dealers are trying to bring down a Mexican Cocaine Kingpin. The catch - they each work for a different government agency and thinks the other is actually a drug dealer! 

Denzel plays Bobby Trench, an under cover DEA agent, decked out with fake gold teeth and Sinatra style hats.  Marky Mark plays Marcus "Stig" Stigman, a Navy Intelligence Officer who is "super cool," winks at all the gals, and tends to punch the comics at all the wrong time.  Together they hustle back and forth from Texas and Mexico trying to bring down Papi Greco!  They think Papi is stashing drug money in a little Mexican bank, so they make a plan to rob it.  Problem is, they were's a lot more money in there than they thought!  Now, not only do they have Papi Greco after them, but the dirty CIA!  Bobby and Marcus band together to bring down the bad guys.  

The ending was almost predictable as I was taken back by who the actual bad guy was.  It's action packed from beginning to end.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Did you see any movies this weekend?  In theaters or rental?  Let me know and tell me how they were!