Movie Monday # 10 ~ Pretty Little Liars

I realized that this is not a movie, but it's all I've been watching lately.  I finally finished the first three seasons this weekend on Netflix. I love this show!  Some of it really does amaze me. For instance, do high school students really dress like that today?  I was pretty much a jeans girl.

I know it's a teeny bopper show and that it's silly for a 30 year old to be watching, but WHO IS A???  I have to know who A is!  There are some nights that it's tough for me to fall asleep.  There are a few episodes with some really creepy old dolls and it's very "Chucky."  The mysterious people running around in black hoodies destroying lives..? Freaky!  There was one night that I was watching the show and all the girls got a text message and at the exact same time I got a text message!  It scared the crap out of me! I know that Bestie knows what I'm talking about.

I tried to get into the show a while ago, but I thought it was really annoying that these girls are afraid of a text message.  A few weeks ago I put it on the computer for some background noise and I got hooked!  Seriously, all I have done on the weekends is watch this show!  It's probably a good thing that I finished all that I can stream, because I need to get back to my life! Haha!

I give this show 5 Teeny Bopper Stars!  Thanks for stopping by for Movie Monday.  Next week I'll actually have a movie review for you :)