High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!  It has been quite the week :)  I hope everyone had a great week themselves.  Here are some highlights from mine...

1.  Wednesday was my 30th birthday and I got lots of fun email messages from some co-workers. I think my favorite message was from my friend Modi.  He's a GM at another Kimpton Hotel.  I looked at my phone Wednesday morning and saw that I had an "Urgent" email.  It was a happy birthday email!  Thanks Modi!

2.  Wednesday evening some of my dear friends came out to dinner to celebrate with me.  Of course, my Bestie was there.  
Lindsay and I took a picture at the beginning of the night before we were all full from delicious pasta.  Now that she's had baby K, Lindsay is partaking in the tastiness of wine :)

We all had a great time! Thank you to everyone for coming out to celebrate with me!

3.  After dinner on Wednesday, Lindsay gave me my birthday present.  A lovely care package.  Cheez-Its, Twizzlers, note pads, purple pens, a planner!  You know how I love office supplies.  Loved the card...that will totally be us one day! 

4.  I drove down to Roanoke to spend the weekend with my mom and dad.  When I arrived at the house there were balloons and a banner on the garage door.  Love it!!!!!

 There was a sign in the yard too! 

5.  Yay for Birthday Cake!  Especially Funfetti cake with chocolate icing.  Not to mention the big "3-0" on the cake. Yummy!

As always I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's #H54F.

Have a great weekend!