Being Completely Honest About Where I'm At...

aka...The Diet Coke Project

What is the Diet Coke Project, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you!  It is my way of re-committing to my health plan.  If you read my blog regularly you know that I've been a member of Weight Watchers since December.  I haven't been the most diligent person when it comes to my food and beverage.  If you're a Looking to the Stars regular you may also remember a few posts where I spoke about how I had stopped drinking alcohol for a little while.  Almost 4 months.  It was a good break and I'm grateful for what I learned about myself during that time.  This past weekend I didn't have a single diet coke. Three whole days! That's a long time for me.  The point is, I have realized what happens to my body with and without the diet coke and/or alcohol.  Here are my Pro's and Con's ~

~Diet Coke is my coffee.
~Diet Coke is bubbly delicious.
~Diet Coke, Beer, Wine go so well with pizza and other delicious foods.
~Alcohol is a very social thing.  D.C. is a huge happy hour scene.  Sometimes just holding a drink makes you feel involved.  I guess that's where "peer pressure" comes into play.
~Wine and "specialty cocktails" are fancy :) and sophisticated.

~Diet Coke makes me feel bloated...all that sodium.  Plus it really does bring in other foods that are just as bad for you.

~When I drink a lot of Diet Coke I don't drink enough water.  Sometimes all I drink is DC.
~After a night of drinking, not even getting schnockered but having just a few, I feel like utter poo in the morning.  Then I feel the need for a Diet Coke.  Then there are the greasy foods that I love - pizza, mcdonalds, doritos.  Those are bad for you!
~Sometimes the previous statement lasts for a week...or so!
~The fear of the "text" or "call" ... you know what I mean ;-)
~I tend to stay up too late and then can't get up in the morning.
~I feel fuzzy :-( after alcohol..DC doesn't make me feel fuzzy, just bloated.

~No extra calories.
~No "hangovers."
~No craving for BAD foods or Diet Coke.
~I actually WANT to eat healthy!  I really do like salad!
~I am more motivated to work out.  When I eat fatty foods it makes me feel fat and all I want to do is go home and put my "fat pants" on.  When I eat healthy, I'm more inclined to go to the gym.
~The scale actually goes in the direction I want it to...DOWN! Oh, and my waistband shrinks.
~I can drive home without having to worry about anything.

~When you're out with a group of people you get the "why aren't you drinking?"  Maybe I need new friends ;-)

Well...I would say that the WITH CONS & the WITHOUT PROS wins! I have been thinking about this all week, so it's not something that I just randomly put together.  It really is a life decision if you think about it.  I want to hit my goal weight.  I'm currently at 152.2 pounds (according to the WW scale...mine says 151.4).  My goal weight is 128.  According to my math I am hoping to lose 24.2 pounds. That means 6 pounds a week if I'm going to lose it by my birthday.  That's not realistic.  So, let's attempt to hit 143.2 pounds.  That's 3 pounds a week.  When I was at my most realistically thinnest I was 126 pounds (I got mono after I graduated high school and went down to 117 pounds...that's not realistic for me anymore).

OMG...all this number and weight talk!

Anywho...It's the first day of August.  I will be turning 30 in just 28 days.  I want to be healthy and fit and this is me committing.  I keep hearing that once you hit 30 it's so much harder to lose the weight.  I'm already having enough trouble.  Granted, that has a lot to do with my will power.


I want to be healthy and happy.  I am about to turn 30!!!  I can't believe it and I'll stop saying it.  I pronounce Thursday to be DIET COKE PROJECT day!  Every Thursday I will give you an update on my progress.  Gooooooooooooooo me and you if you join me.

Please feel free to join in on the Diet Coke Project each and every Thursday.