A Sad High Five For Friday

I cannot be happier that it is finally Friday!  This week has been crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Busy and busier!  Lots of things have happened, so check out my week ~

1.  On Saturday a group of us all went out to celebrate Jacq.  Jacq decided that she needed a break from D.C. and was going to move back to Florida.  This was her last night out on the town.  We went to 18th Street Lounge in Dupont and all had a great time!

2.  Sunday I got to spend some quality time with Jacq.  I went over to her apartment with my SATC dvds in tow.  We had dinner and chilled out.  The furniture had already been moved out of her apartment, so it was like old times when we lived together.  I don't think Frisco appreciated me making him take a photo.

3.  Monday at work our Sales world fell apart.  Well, it exploded a little bit.  We got some news that there are A LOT of changes happening.  Don't worry, my job is good! Thank the Lord!  After we got the news our boss (for now..she's not my boss anymore and I'm really sad about it) took us out to drinks.  A colleague of mine and I were super sad!

4.  Wednesday was the super sad day.  I had to say goodbye to Jacq.  I helped her pack up her car and then we hugged and parted ways.  I didn't expect to get all emotional and start crying, but I did!  I'm gonna miss you Jacq!

5.  Here are some of my favorite moments with rooms...
I love this picture of her and Frisco.  They're sharing a ginger snap cookie.

Thanksgiving 2011 at the sports pub in Arlington!

Vapianos in China Town for dinner one night.

Halloween 2011 - She was a Gypsy and I was a Pink Lady from Grease.

A night out at Sign of the Whale.  We always had so much fun together!

As always I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's High 5 for Friday.  Have a great weekend!!!!!