High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!  It has been quite the week :)  I hope everyone had a great week themselves.  Here are some highlights from mine...

1.  Wednesday was my 30th birthday and I got lots of fun email messages from some co-workers. I think my favorite message was from my friend Modi.  He's a GM at another Kimpton Hotel.  I looked at my phone Wednesday morning and saw that I had an "Urgent" email.  It was a happy birthday email!  Thanks Modi!

2.  Wednesday evening some of my dear friends came out to dinner to celebrate with me.  Of course, my Bestie was there.  
Lindsay and I took a picture at the beginning of the night before we were all full from delicious pasta.  Now that she's had baby K, Lindsay is partaking in the tastiness of wine :)

We all had a great time! Thank you to everyone for coming out to celebrate with me!

3.  After dinner on Wednesday, Lindsay gave me my birthday present.  A lovely care package.  Cheez-Its, Twizzlers, note pads, purple pens, a planner!  You know how I love office supplies.  Loved the card...that will totally be us one day! 

4.  I drove down to Roanoke to spend the weekend with my mom and dad.  When I arrived at the house there were balloons and a banner on the garage door.  Love it!!!!!

 There was a sign in the yard too! 

5.  Yay for Birthday Cake!  Especially Funfetti cake with chocolate icing.  Not to mention the big "3-0" on the cake. Yummy!

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Have a great weekend!

Mr. Darcy...if you're out there...

Ever since I was a little girl and discovered what Romance is I was a sucker for it.  Someone to love, someone to hold hands with, someone to kiss me good night.  The idea of my “soul mate” has always been a wonder! All those chick flicks didn't help either!

My first boyfriend, we’ll call him C, I was totally smitten with.  He was my first real boyfriend.  I asked him to Prom and then shortly after we were “boyfriend and girlfriend.”  We dated all summer!  At the end of summer C started to freak out.  He thought I was too “serious.”  I guess a friend had told him that I was “in love” with him.  Well, over a very serious phone conversation I tried my hardest to convince C and myself that I loved spending time and being with him, but I absolutely was not “in love” with him.  I probably was, but I was 16 and I’m not sure if I really knew what that was then.

As  I went to college I met boys that I really liked, but because I wouldn't “give” them enough of me I wasn't good enough and they moved on.

As I grew up I always seemed to be the “giver” in the relationship.  I cared so much about the other person and making the relationship work, no matter what, that I forgot about myself. Along the way there were a few self-defining relationships.

B was my college boyfriend.  It was a bad situation to begin with.  He was the ex-boyfriend of a sorority sister.  Yes, I now know of the “chicks before dicks” mantra.  Believe me; I've learned my lesson…and what a lesson it was.  It was tough and I was challenged strongly by people that I thought were my friends.  But then again, maybe I’m the one who pushed them to choose sides.  When the situation happened, people kept asking me, “is he really worth it?”  Well, I felt the need to prove them wrong.  I felt the need to show to everyone that he absolutely was worth it.  It turned out that he wasn’t.  Go figure!

When I lived in Los Angeles, there was J.  I met him at the sushi restaurant that I worked at. J is Colombian and Chilean and had a mysterious air to him – leather jacket and motorcycle.  He spoke Spanish fluently and was oh so debonair.  Not to mention manipulative.  The first couple weeks were amazing.  Great dinners, dancing, and he knew people at clubs.   His friends were super cool; one of them was even in a band.  Then the ex-girlfriend came along.  She moved back to L.A. from Florida and I felt threatened.  As it turns out I had every right too.  I didn't even find out from him; I found out from her.  Even though that J and I were not “exclusive” I thought we were.  He kept telling me that he wasn’t seeing anyone, but deep down I knew he was.  The female instinct is always right. He had been cheating on me, lying to me and sneaking around. 

Two year ago I was on Match.com and I met a guy that I thought was great; let’s call him A.  After two weeks of dating we were having an extreme argument.  It was almost like we were in the middle of a divorce and I was taking his kids away from him.  It was that bad!  My Bestie will tell you J  It was the first time that I realized that I could no longer put others before myself.  A wanted me to be constantly available for him and at his every will.  After dating J and B, I knew that wasn't who I was anymore.

I used to do everything I could to keep a guy.  I have grown up and realized that my needs can sometimes be way more important…should be more important.

I recently went on a date with someone.  He’s not the typical guy I would normally go for.  He’s shorter than me, younger than me, and a bit “robust,” but ever so the gentleman.  We went on a date about a week ago.  He picked me up, opened the door for me, and paid for dinner.  I had an absolute amazing time!  We had great conversation and he made me laugh.  It was a real date.  It was the most real date I have had in a very long time.  A few days later I was invited over to meet his "crew" and I was introduced to a totally different world.  Not a bad world, just a world that I don’t want to be a part of anymore.  So, P and I talked about it and he asked me how I liked the "crew" and I was honest with him.  Told him everything I just said above.  The problem is, P took it as a challenge.  When I make up my mind about something - my mind is made up.  Especially with something like this.  There's nothing that he can do or say that's going to change my mind about this.  It's frustrating, because I felt like he wasn't listening to me or even taking me seriously.

After everything that I went through at the beginning of the year, there is no way that I will put myself in that sort of social situation again.  No matter how much I like the guy.  I would say it’s a tough call, but at the same time I really need to put myself first.  For so long I didn't put myself first. I would do what the guy wanted, what the guy liked to do, drank as much as the guy drank, but no more.  If I don’t put myself first, then I’ll fall apart and fall right back to where I was a year ago.  I talked to my best friend and my mom about it.  They are both so proud of me for recognizing me and my needs before choosing a guy.  This would be a great step for Erica-kind.  No matter how much I like the guy, I just will not put myself in those social situations ever again.

I’m 30 years old and have officially put myself first.  Sure, with J and B, I realized what was important, but way too late.  At least now with P I realized it upfront after only a week of dating him instead of dating him for weeks or maybe months before I got too emotionally involved.  At that point, I would have been hopelessly lost.

I am still a hopeless romantic looking for love.  I know that I’ll find it one day, when I’m ready and when it’s right. At least I know now that Chivalry is still alive and well.  I know my Mr. Darcy is out there somewhere.  He'll find me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 30th birthday.  Good bye twenties...see you never again!  I have learned so much the last 10 years and I'm grateful for all of my experiences.  Hello 30...what 'cha got for me?!

Over the past week my mom has been posting pictures of "Erica Through the Years" on Facebook.  Take a look...

 A Christmas photo from when I was 3...My 9th Birthday....I think I was probably 10 in this picture.

 My 13th birthday...oh those glasses!  Freshman Homecoming Dance - 7 years old and tap dancing!

Not even 1 yet and I'm already digging into the chocolate ice cream....this is my Marilyn Monroe picture by the pool (I was 11 years old)

I think this one is my favorite so far.  I was about 4 years old at my brother's birthday party.  I think I'm about 14 in my Babydoll t-shirt.

She still has today to post a picture or two and she said that she might even post throughout the weekend.  30...here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is my 30th Birthday

I never thought that I would be the person freaking out about turning 30.  I had a friend in Los Angeles that freaked out when she turned 25.  People are like, "it's not a big deal."  And it's not a big deal.  It's just a number.  Nothing really changes.  I guess the whole thing is that I'm not where I thought I would be at the age of 30.  To that people will say, "but who is?"  I totally thought I would be married and have kids.  Oh, and that whole Movie Star thing.

I was always the sort of person who was planning big birthday celebrations!  Then I had my 29th birthday.  It was a disaster.  I feel like my whole life changed after that weekend.  Not because I turned 29, but because of the experiences that were involved on my birthday weekend.  I guess you could say that I sort of woke up.  To a point anyway.  There was some more waking up that happened a few months later.

On my birthday last year I learned some things about a few of the people in my life.  I felt like I was seeing them for the first time.  I was taken advantage of, mislead, and encouraged to do some not so great things.  Who does that?  Would you really call yourself my friend?  And on my BIRTHDAY! But it wasn't my birthday.  To them, it was just another drunken night out.  I'm the kind of person who cannot be around negativity.  It brings me down and I already suffer from mild depression as it is. I mean, I'm surrounded by enough negative people at work I don't need anymore!  I had to make a decision - do I want to continue to surround myself with these people?  I chose to distance myself from a few of them and I'm all the better for it.

The next wake up call happened in March of this year.  I had been out with a friend in the city and thought I was okay to drive home. I wasn't...at all!  I got pulled over at 2am - I was two exits away from my apartment.  I was completely cooperative and of course chatty to no end. Luckily, the cop cut me a break and didn't haul my ass to jail.  He did tow my car, called me a cab, and slapped me with a ticket for reckless driving.  I was not in a good place the next day.  I walked to the tow yard to get my car, then went grocery shopping.  I remember walking from my car to Target thinking, "man, I'm lucky I'm not hungover.  Wait a minute, you idiot!  You're lucky you're not in jail, that you're alive, and that you didn't kill anyone!"  It wasn't the first time that I had driven home like that, but it was the first time that I'd been caught and I'm so grateful that I did.  It was a huge wake up call for me.  What the f*** was I doing to myself?  

After that I started to really evaluate things - my friends, my social life, everything.  I stopped drinking for almost 4 months and I'm actually starting to wonder why I started again.  I'm still dealing with court crap.  I got a lawyer and he's fighting to get the reckless driving charge dropped to improper driving.  I have to go back to court for a third time in October.  I was really hoping to have this all behind me in my twenties.  What 'cha gonna do?  My lawyer thinks I am in a good place and that I've done all I need to.  Fingers crossed!

Moving into my thirties I will absolutely take all that I have learned from my twenties. And I have learned a lot!  I know who my very best friends are and I love them!  I have finally learned to put myself first when it comes to relationships.  I know what I want in a partner and I know that he's out there somewhere for me.  I truly believe that everything does happen for a reason.  

This year I am celebrating with a group of friends at a lovely Italian restaurant and then I'm heading home to spend Labor Day weekend with my parents.  They have been there for me through all thirty years and my wake up calls.  They are the two most important people in my life. They're taking me zip lining :) Ever since last week my mom has been posting pictures of me "through the years" on Facebook.  It's fun to look back at those pictures. My 13 birthday I think has been the worst picture so far, but the rest of them are pretty fun.

Here's to turning 30.  It's going to be a great decade!

I love you ladies!

Movie Monday # 10 ~ Pretty Little Liars

I realized that this is not a movie, but it's all I've been watching lately.  I finally finished the first three seasons this weekend on Netflix. I love this show!  Some of it really does amaze me. For instance, do high school students really dress like that today?  I was pretty much a jeans girl.

I know it's a teeny bopper show and that it's silly for a 30 year old to be watching, but WHO IS A???  I have to know who A is!  There are some nights that it's tough for me to fall asleep.  There are a few episodes with some really creepy old dolls and it's very "Chucky."  The mysterious people running around in black hoodies destroying lives..? Freaky!  There was one night that I was watching the show and all the girls got a text message and at the exact same time I got a text message!  It scared the crap out of me! I know that Bestie knows what I'm talking about.

I tried to get into the show a while ago, but I thought it was really annoying that these girls are afraid of a text message.  A few weeks ago I put it on the computer for some background noise and I got hooked!  Seriously, all I have done on the weekends is watch this show!  It's probably a good thing that I finished all that I can stream, because I need to get back to my life! Haha!

I give this show 5 Teeny Bopper Stars!  Thanks for stopping by for Movie Monday.  Next week I'll actually have a movie review for you :)

A Goodbye to Cheese

Well, it is time that I grow out of my denial.  I mean, I'm going to be 30 years old next week for crying out loud!  For years now (yes...I admit...years) I have been denying that I am my mother's daughter in the lactose area of life.  I love cheese and everything about it.  Hard Cheddar, Mild Cheddar, String Cheese, anything Pizza, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Ranch Dressing (especially at Red Robin), Mac & Cheese, cheese on my salad, I could go on.  Needless to say I have come to a point in my life where I will no longer allow cheese to dominate my life.  As much as I love it (and I do), I am in control!!!!!

So, as a farewell, here is a pizza tutorial!

12 easy steps to making your own homemade pizza!

Step 1:  Grab all the right ingredients.  I use Martha White's Pizza Flour, Ragu Pizza Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, and some veggies.  You'll also need a mixing bowl, a spatula, a pizza pan, and some Pam.

Step 2: Spray the Pam on the pizza pan.

Step 3:  With the Martha White pizza flour - combine 1/2 cup of hot water with the pizza flour in a mixing bowl.  I always have extra flour on hand in case it is too gooey.

Step 4:  Set the oven to 425 degrees.

Step 5:  You want to mix it and form it into a ball.  Make sure that you get all of the flour so that there is no dry flour in the ball or bowl.  You don't want to start spreading it out and find flour!  If you need to add a little extra water, go ahead.  You just don't want it to be too gooey or too dry.

Step 6:  While the dough rises (about 5 minutes) chop up your veggies.  I like red and green peppers and sweet onions finely chopped!

Step 7:  You want to hand stretch the dough to fit the pizza pan.  Some people use a rolling pin, but I try to knead it.  You might get some holes, but just smooth it out with your hands until your dough is even all around.  You'll be able to tell where the dough is too thick and can massage it over.

Step 8:  Spread out the pizza sauce so that enough covers the dough. Use as much or as little as you like.

Step 9:  Add the cheese!  My love...my soul mate...cheese!  I'm breaking up with you Cheese!

Step 10:  Add the veggies!

Step 11:  I cook it in the oven for a starter of 10 minutes.  All ovens are different, but I usually need anywhere from 10-12 minutes.

Step 12: Bottoms up!  Enjoy your pizza!

It's not just cheese that I'm saying goodbye to, but a majority of dairy.  I've been using Smart Balance (instead of butter) and soy milk for years.  I have realized that string cheese makes me crave other "bad" foods.  Nothing in particular, but nothing healthy either.  So, no more of that!  The last time that I made a grilled cheese I felt the same way.  What is it about cheese that makes you want more bad food?  Greek yogurt does not have this effect on me, so I'm keeping it. That's about it though!

It's been grande, cheese, but it's time to say goodbye.  I will miss you, but enjoy my thin without you.


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Movie Monday #9 ~ Guilty Pleasures

Do you have those movies that you consider your "go-to's" when you need a pick me up?  I love me some Meg Ryan Movies ~ You've Got Mail, Sleepless In Seattle, When Harry Met Sally.  Also my Sandra Bullock movies ~ Practical Magic, The Proposal, Hope Floats.  Those are typical favorite chick flicks.  

Or how about those movies that you wouldn't necessarily admit to ABSOLUTELY LOVING? Well, I definitely have a few.

Daddy Day Care!  This movie just makes me happy.  It's so cute seeing three grown men (Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, and Steve Zahn) dealing with a dozen toddlers!  Two dad's get laid off from their jobs the decide to open "Daddy Day Care" to make some extra money while taking care of their own kids and they bring a friend along for the ride.  They had no idea what they were getting into!  I love the kid who won't take the Flash costume off and the other kid who is speaking what his mom thinks is jibberish.  When Steve Zahn's character, Marvin, joins in wearing his Star Trek shirt we find out the kid has been speaking Klingon the entire time!  Also there's Becca and Jamie put makeup all over Phil while he's sleeping.    

I would have to say that Wild Hogs would have to be my absolute favorite guilty pleasure movie.  I may have mentioned before that Tim Allen reminds me of my own father.  Totally!  Tim Taylor the Tool Man from Home Improvement is my dad!  Those guys and their 30 minute projects.  Well, this movie is about four middle aged men going through a sorta mid-life-crisis.  All of these guys are hilarious in this movie - Woody, John Travolta, has been deserted by his model-wife and is broke. Doug, Tim Allen, is a local dentist who can't find a way to relate to his son.  Bobby, Martin Lawrence, is walked all over by his wife.  Then there is Dudley, William H. Macy, who is afraid of women.  Together these friends go on a road trip to have some man-bonding time.  Along the way they meet a homosexual state trooper who would actually like to join in on their fun, a band of bad biker dudes that want them dead, and a cute town called Madrid where Dudley meets the love of his life.  

This is one of my all time favorite guilty pleasure movies, Casper.  I saw this movie at the Grandin Theater when I was in sixth grade.  I was completely in love with Devon Sawa.  I got this movie as a present (can't remember if it was birthday or Chirstmas) and I watched it so many times that I memorized Christina Ricci's lines.  I still know them to this day.  I used to want to live in Friendship, Maine (that's where the movie takes place).  I still kind of do :)  

All of these movies make me laugh.  When I need a fun-movie-pick-me-up, I usually put one of these in.  They make me smile :-)  Sometimes people make fun of me for liking these movies, but I never really understood why.  They are fun, friendly, clean, family films for kids of all ages!  I will definitely introduce Casper to my kids one day.

Do you have any guilty pleasure movies?  Tell me about them!  Thanks for joining me on this late Movie Monday! #L2SMoveiMon on Twitter.

the book chat ~ memoirs

I love the book chat and have missed it!  This week we are talking about memoirs.  I have a couple favorites that I would like to share with you ~

The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls
I'm not usually a non-fiction person, but I absolutely loved this book. It's the story of a little girl growing up.  She got shifted around between family members.  After she gets into her career and is successful she tries to help her parents get back on their feet. Her parents chose to be homeless.  They prefer their life that way.  This memoir is amazing and, honestly, it's life changing!

Dewey The Library Cat, by Vicki Myron
Dewey Readmore Books was found in a book return bin on a cold February morning by Vicki Myron, the library director at Spencer Public Library in Spencer, IA.  The book details Dewey's fun loving life in the library.  He's so fluffy and cute! It's rumored that there will be a movie made from Dewey's story and that Meryl Streep will play Vicki Myron.  Here's hoping!

Oogy: the Dog Only a Family Could Love, by Larry Levin
Are you seeing a pattern here?  I like books about animals :)  Oogy is such a sweet puppy!  Oggy was a dog used as bait for pit bull training.  Dog fights...no bueno.  He was found at 10 weeks old, 20 pounds. Due to him being a bait dog, most of the left side of his face, including all of his ear, was torn off. He was bitten so hard that part of his lower jaw was crushed.  He was found by police and immediately taken to emergency services.  Oogy survived and was adopted by a family and loved so much!  This is a heart wrenching story with a happy ending.

Do you like to read memoirs?  Read any good ones lately? Tell me about them? Linking up with Jessica at Sweet Tangerine for the book chat and A Royal Daughter for Desire to Inspire.  Have a great Thursday!


The ABC's of Me!

I thought I would help you get to know me a little bit better, so here are the ABC's of Me! Enjoy :)

A: attached or single --> i'm single and looking to mingle ;-)
B: best friend --> my bestie Lindsay and my momma ~ i don't know what i would do without these two women in my life

C: cake or pie --> 2 c's ~ chocolate cake
D: day of choice --> sunday ~ it's definitely a pajama day, blogging day, and just plain old relaxation
E: essential item --> my burt's beeswax for sure. i don't leave home without it

F: favorite color --> if you hadn't figured it out already, it's purple
G: gummy bears or worms --> definitely bears, the Haribo Gummy Bears
H: hometown --> Roanoke, VA
I: indulgence --> pizza for sure

J: january or july --> january ~ it's a fresh start over
K: kids --> one day, hopefully
L: letterman or leno --> their both pretty funny, but i think i'm a jay leno fan more so than david letterman
M: movie --> Mystic Pizza is my all time favorite movie

N: number of siblings --> just 1, my brother.  he's 15 months younger than me and a pretty cool dude!

O: oranges or apples --> i'm definitely an apple girl, especially with peanut butter!
P: phobias --> theater superstitions and being afraid of the dark...i know, it sounds silly
Q: quote --> "to be or not to be, that is the question."
R: reasons to smile --> my family and friends...and my 8am chats with mom on our separate ways to work
S: season of choice --> autumn ~ can't wait for fall!
T: time for bed --> should be around 9:30pm
U: unknown fact --> ooh...if i told you, then i'd have to kill you!
V: vegetable --> carrots!
W: worst habit --> saving money
X: x-men character --> rogue

Y: yummy --> my favorite food would be LASAGNA...i know, you thought it was pizza :)
Z: zodiac sign --> virgo

Tell me a little more about you!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm tired of being broke!

I'm about to get real candid!  The truth is that I am tired of having no money and being broke all the time.  I'm tired of having to turn down nights out with my friends, because I need to wait for the next paycheck to come around.  How am I supposed to live my life when I'm holed up in my apartment in my pajamas watching Pretty Little Liars?  I need to save money and I need to do it now.  So, what I've decided to do is a money freeze.  50 days of no extra spending.

Here are my bills ~
Car/Apt Insurance
Weight Watchers
Car Payment
Planet Fitness
Chase Visa CC
Verizon Wireless
Groceries and Gas

I do have some events that have been scheduled for a while...the only exceptions are the following:

August 28th - my 30th birthday - dinner/drinks with friends
August 29th - Hair Cut/Color while I'm home for my birthday
September 28th - Dinner & Meeting Nicholas Sparks with Bestie

I've tried to be frugal in the past, but have totally sucked and failed at it. I love Target and can always manage to find more than what I need there.  When I wasn't drinking I managed to not spend as much. I had forgotten how much a beer at the ball game costs ($9)!  By making my efforts public (along with my weight loss) I am hoping to be a heck of a lot better at it.  I thought about waiting until September 1st, but why not just start now!  So I am.  I chose 50 days, because that takes me through the end of September.  I'm writing this on Sunday night (8/11/13), so this freeze officially started Monday, August 12, 2013.  I have balanced my checkbook (yes, I still keep a check book) and know exactly where I stand.  I am going to keep a meticulous record of my spending over the next 50 days.  There will be no random trips to Target, no movie theater, and no eating out (except for the events listed above that have been pre-planned).  I am forced to be on point about packing my lunch, because I will not be making lunch pick ups at Subway or Whole Foods.  I'm not saying that I won't slip up, but I'm going to do my darnedest to be really diligent about this.

Mom suggested that I get a second job; part time on the weekends.  I might still do that.  Especially when they're looking for Holiday help.  I want to try this first and see how it goes.

Here's to the cause... Wish me luck! 

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Movie Monday ~ Fall Movie Preview

Welcome back to another week.  Instead of my usual Movie Monday Review, I am bringing in the Fall Movie Preview!  Over the weekend I picked up Entertainment Weekly's annual Fall Movie Preview.  There are some awesome movies that are coming out this fall/winter and I thought I would share with you the ones I'm most excited about.

September Movies
1. Rush - cute boys, fast cars, and 70's style!
2. Prisoners - Jake Gyllenhaal - need I say more? ;-)
3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 - I loved the first one and can't wait for this one!
4. The Family - Italian mob family living in Paris and Robert DeNiro as the Head of the family.  It's gonna be awesome!
5. Thanks For Sharing - this is sounds like a really good Indie Flick and I love Gwyneth Paltrow.
6. Enough Said - this is one of James Gandolfini's last films before he died and I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
7. Don Jon - This movie looks absolutely hilarious!  Oh and did I mention my future husband Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it?  Muscled up!

October Movies
1. Captain Phillips - This is based on a true story and it looks quite compelling.
2. Escape Plan - I'm more of an old school Arnold Schwarzenegger fan (True Lies era), but this looks like a lot of fun.
3. Gravity - My girl Sandra Bullock is teaming up with George Clooney in space!
4. Runner Runner - Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake...need I say more?

November Movies
1. Catching Fire - Hello...Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Great Expectations - The movie poster alone makes me want to see this movie!
3. Frozen - This is probably the one movie I'm most excited about.  You know how I love Snowmen, right?  Well, in the preview there's the cutest snowman.  Love it!
4. Delivery Man - The idea of Vince Vaughn fathering 533 children is absolutely ridiculous and I love it.
5. Last Vegas - Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline in a Las Vegas Bachelor Party movie.
6. Free Birds - This is about a turkey that wants to travel back in time to the very first Thanksgiving to save the turkeys from being the Thanksgiving meal!
7. The Wolfe of Wall Street - You all know how I feel about Leonardo DiCaprio.  That's all I'm gonna say!

December Movies

1. American Hustle - The 1970's, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, and Christian Bale.  It's gonna be awesome!
2. Out of the Furnace - This is the month of Christian Bale.
3. Labor Day - My Favorite Girl, Kate Winslet, always brings in a stellar performance.

Oh Movies...I love them!  Are there any movies you are looking forward to?  Thanks for stopping by for Movie Monday :-) #L2SMovieMon

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The Diet Coke Project Vol 2

Happy Saturday everyone!  It's going to be a lovely weekend :)  Even though it is supposed to rain today...boo!...it's still going to be awesome.  I am heading to my first Nat's game of the season (and probably my only one of the season) to help celebrate a friend's 30th brithday.

Okay people...it's the 2nd round of The Diet Coke Project.  I moved it to Saturday, because this is the day I weigh in at Weight Watchers.  So, I thought this would be a good day to sum up my previous week and start my new week!

Last Weigh In: 152.2 - on July 27th - I didn't weigh in last week...it was a bad week :(
This Week's Weigh In: 152.2 - I didn't lose any weight, but didn't gain any either.

Here is a wrap up of last week's food and exercise:

8/3 - 2 scrambled egss, 2 pieces of 100% whole grain toast, 1 nectarine - 9 points
        1 Gala apple and Peanut Butter - 5 points
        1 cup of Quinoa with red/green pepper veggies and onion - 5 points
        6 ginger snap cookies - 4 points
        handful of pita chips - ? points
        30 minutes of cardio on treadmill - weight loss program

8/4 - 2 scrambled eggs with red/green peppers and onions, 2 pieces 100% whole grain toast, 2 slices bacon, 4 oz OJ, vitamins - 11 points
        12 ginger snap cookies - 8 points
        Greek Yogurt - 2 points
        Chicken Breast, Candied Sweet Potatoes (WW Recipe), birds eye steamed veggies - 6 points
         30 minutes stationary bike - weight loss program & weight training upper body

8/5 - 2 scrambled eggs & 100% whole grain toast - 9 points
         Subway Sandwich with Sunchips and 1 chocolate chip cookie - 19 points (I went a little over board)
         string cheese - 1 point
8/6 - 1 1/2 cup of cheerios

That's where my tracking stopped.  However, I did take a few more pictures.  I was posting them on facebook, but I'm changing that to Instagram.  You can follow me here.  I've totally gotten hooked on Instagram and am learning all about hashtags!

I didn't track as well as I had hoped this week, but hopefully I'll do better next week. Bestie, Lindsay, is joined me today and joined.  We'll work together to get to our goal weight.  I will be turning 30 years old in 2 1/2 weeks.  I need to at least get down a little bit before then!  If I could just ignore the pizza and bread, then I would be WONDERFUL!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

High Five For Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love Fridays :)  One last day, of the week anyways, to get work done and then it's PLAY TIME!!!!  The thing I love most about High Five For Friday is that even if you didn't have an exceptionally great week or maybe even an uneventful week, this post makes you find at least 5 awesome things from your week. It's the little things that make life worth it sometimes!  I hope everyone had a fabulous week.  Mine was very busy, but had some great moments.  Check out some of my week and don't forget to tell me all about yours :)

1. On Friday I went for a lovely walk after work.  On my journey to slim, I ran into little Peter Cotton Tail!  He was so cute.  I saw him again on my way back.

2.  Saturday was a lovely day for lounging!  Now that I'm "babysitting" Jacq's television, I can lay in bed and watch a movie instead of sitting at my desk! Love it!

3.  On Tuesday I got the loveliest surprise in the mail!  My Bestie, Lindsay, and her hubby Tolar mailed out Baby K's birth announcement.  She is so freaking precious.  I got to go see them yesterday.  Baby K is amazing.  Her parents aren't so bad either ;-) I have the announcement on my fridge.

4.  Wednesday I got the Fall issue of Glamour in the mail.  I started reading it last night and before I knew it, it was 10:30pm!  I got sucked into it!  The issue is also a Hollywood theme.  Did you know that Glamour was originally called "Glamour of Hollywood" when it first came about in 1939?  I didn't either.  It's pretty neat!

5.  My mom is awesome!  She knows that I've been having trouble getting up in the morning, so she's been texting me to make sure I'm awake.  Thanks mom!

I also got to see my dad this week.  He was up in D.C. for work and we had dinner on Tuesday night at Matchbox in Chinatown. He brought me Under the Dome.  It's a Steven King novel turned CBS summer show.  It's a pretty good show (Mondays on CBS).  The book is a daunting 1500 pages.  I think I'll start it on January 1st, 2014 and see how long it takes to read it.  It only took my dad 1 month.  CRAZY!  He's a fast reader.

As always, I'm linking up the Lauren Elizabeth for today's #H54F post.  Have a great Friday and I'll see you tomorrow for my update on The Diet Coke Project (moved to Saturdays, because that's when I weigh in at Weight Watchers).

Television Shows That Should Make A Come Back!

My friend Mia, at The Chronicles of Chaos, did a post a few weeks back about some of her favorite television shows that should make a come back.  I want to add on to her list: Alf, Queer as Folk, Young Americans, Over There, and Models Inc.  Here are some tv show that I would love to see come back ~

1. Swingtown
  The show took place in the Summer of '76 and was about Swingers in the 70's!  Bruce Miller just got a wonderful new job and has moved his wife, Susan Miller, and family to an upscale suburb outside Chicago.  Their neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker, invite them over to their 4th of July party as a welcome.  Come to find out, the Deckers and many of their party guests, are swingers!  Ya know, "put your car keys in the fish bowl" kinda thing! As Bruce moves up in his job, he and Susan grow apart.  The Deckers grow up. Then there are the old neighbors - Janet and Roger Thompson.  Janet and Susan are best friends, but Janet is turning into a more independent woman and Roger is falling in love with Susan.
The show only lasted one season, but it is definitely a show that I hold dear to my heart.  I was a stand-in for Molly Parker (red head above) on this show.  We shot it the spring/summer of 2008.  It was so much fun!  There were tons of pool, beach, bar and bed scenes!  I made some amazing friends and miss working on the show so much.  I have it on DVD (you can see me in episode 6 - scene 1) and watch if from time to time. Some of the actors you can see on some great shows right now:  Jack Davenport is well known for his character Norrington on Pirates of the Carribean as well as Derek on Smash; Lana Parilla is now the Evil Queen on Once Upon A Time; Grant Show plays Spence Westmore on Devious Maids; Josh Hopkins is on Cougar Town playing Grayson Ellis.

2.  My So-Called Life
I am so Angela Chase!  Did her and Jordan Catalano last?  What about Brian Krakow?  Did Rayanne ever sober up?  Did Rikki find true love?  Did Angela's dad have an affair after all?  So many unanswered questions!  I would love to see how these characters ended up.  Plus, I just love this show!!!!! This is another one that only lasted one season.  I have it on DVD too.

3. Freaks and Geeks
This is another TV show that was too smart at the time, just like My So-Called Life.  I think I would really like to see how Lindsay and Sam Weir ended up. 

4.  Saved by the Bell (or at least a reunion)
I might be alone on this one, but DID ZACH AND KELLY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER???  I want to know!!!  Do they have kids?  The college years and wedding was great, but I love these characters so much that I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!  Look how pretty they are...all grown up!  If you're ever in Burbank, CA and you want to get into some karaoke, check out the bar Dimples and you might catch a glimpse of Mr. Belding.  I did!

5. Boy Meets World
This one we're actually getting!!!!!  The spin off starts shooting this summer in California at Disney Studios - Girl Meets World. Cory and Topanga's daughter! WooHoo!  Hopefully Shawn will make an appearance :) I will definitely make sure to have a tv and cable by the time this show starts airing!
Riley Matthews

Do you have any shows that you would like to see come back? Tell me about them and we'll start a petition! haha...just kidding!

WWJD - Part 1: Eat & Move

Welcome to my four part series ~ What Would Jillian Do - Jillian Michaels that is.  She's my hero and I just finished her book Slim for Life and she has changed my life, well Jillian and my mom!  I'm not one to buy diet books, but she's my health and fitness idol and I know she knows what she's talking about.  Her book is designed to help you with the life you already live, by making realistic adjustments.  It's not a book that will instruct you in a diet that lasts a certain amount of time.  It's about changing your lifestyle.  It's like what my Weight Watchers leader said on Saturday, "This isn't something we're gonna do for a little while and then stop.  This is our way of life moving forward."  She's so right!!!  Needless to say I went highlighter crazy and I wanted to share some awesome tips!

The first chapter is about Eating!
Those who tracked their food daily kept off as much as twice the weight as those who tracked it one day a week or less. This goes really well with my Weight Watchers.  I'm not the best tracker, but I'm doing well so far this week :) .  She gives you her "top ten must avoid whenever possible list" and what you can find them in! Of course I had read that high fructose corn syrup was bad for you, but I didn't think it was in canned veggies and cereal!  Jillian lists seasonal fruits and vegetables and suggests eating them mostly when they're in season. This is something that I have heard before, but didn't really know what food is what season.  This was super helpful!

Jillian lists foods that make great snacks and a list of examples to help you figure out what 100 calories actually are.
Snack Examples: 1 small apple and 7 walnuts / 1 tbsp peanut butter on 5-7 whole-grain crackers / 1 cup sliced veggies dipped in 1/4 cup hummus / 1/8 cup air-popped popcorn / 6 or 7 pita chips with 2 tbsp of black bean dip and 2 tbsp of sliced avacado
What is 100 calories: 14 potato or corn chips / 1 can of soda (8.2 oz) / 4.3 oz white wine / 8 ounces of beer / 1 1/2 tablespoons ranch dressing / 2 1/2 oreo sandwich cookies / 3 tbsp Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream / 1.1 oz McDonald's french fries (kid's portion)

DON'T DRINK YOUR CALORIES!!!!!!!!!  Duh :)  We should all know this - sodas and juices are loaded with sugar and send your insulin levels skyrocketing.  They don't have fiber to keep you full, so you've just drunk 100+ calories of liquid sugar yet you're still hungry!
~I've been doing really well not drinking soda.  Even though Diet Coke doesn't have any calories, it's loaded with sodium.  I've gotten totally hooked on the Giant brand of Raspberry Lime Flavored Seltzer Water.  There's nothing in it!  No Sodium and No Aspartame.  It helps me get my water intake and it's bubbly delicious. I love it!

Chapter 2 is about "Moving" aka Exercise!!
Dress the part!  Magazines tell you this all the time and it's so true.  Not only do you want to look cute while working out (helps me get to the gym), but you want to be comfortable.  Your clothes should be able to breathe and your shoes should fit just right.

Jillian says that it doesn't matter when you work out.  As long as it's 4 to 6 times a week, any time of day. Two of those days should be strength training.  She gives some really great exercises and also when it comes to strength training she advised you on what muscles to work together.  Jillian says that you burn more calories for longer from strength training, but you still need cardio.  She definitely recommends a five-minute warm up.

Jillian gives an example schedule of when to do cardio and when to do strength training.  My thing with strength training is that I'm not good at figuring what exercises to do.  That's what I've got my Marcy :)  Jillian does give some workouts and I think most of them I can do!  Here's hoping!

There's a ton of other stuff in the second chapter about muscles that I'm not even going to try to explain.  I really recommend the book!

Now when I eat and exercise I think - What would Jillian do?  Do I want her in front of my treadmill yelling at me?  Do I want her yelling at me when I eat too much pizza?  No, I don't!  She's only yelling at me, because she wants to help me.  I know my mom would do the same thing.  Now I need to start doing it for myself!

Do you have any food and exercise tips you live by?  Share them below!  Next week I'll talk about chapters three and four.