Movie Monday ~ Renter's Addition

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I'm still on vacation and go back to work on Wednesday. I have rented a bunch of movies in the last few weeks, so I thought that today I would share with you my thoughts on them.  I haven't had the best luck with loving rentals lately, but at least I can spread some knowledge. Let's get right into it!

Hitchcock *3 out of 5 stars* ~ Starring Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as his wife.  Scarlett Johansson is also in it playing Janet Leigh.  I really liked this movie.  It's about the making of Psycho and what Alfred and his wife went through to get the movie made.

Mama *3 out of 5 stars* ~ I thought this was pretty good.  I like that Jessica Chastain can play a range of characters.  The ending was different, I didn't really see it coming.  I thought it would end like they all do, but it didn't.  Check it out if you like scary movies.

Side Effects * 2 out of 5 stars* ~ They are calling Channing Tatum the "action star who can act."  I don't think he's that great.  Mara Rooney, however, is pretty good.  But not in this movie.  This movie was slow and dumb and poor Jude Law!

Seven Psychopaths *3 out of 5 stars* ~ It's about a down and out screenwriter (Colin Farrell) trying to write a movie.  I really thought that it was about 7 psychos that kidnapped a dog.  The psychos are spread throughout the movie, but I think Woody Harrelson was really the best part of the movie.  There were definitely some funny parts!

Promised Land *3 out of 5 stars*  I need to start knowing what a movie is about before I watch it.  I guess I thought it was a sort of fictional version of Food, Inc.  Even though I was under the impression that this movie was about one thing, I still thought it was pretty good.  It had heart to it and I love Matt Damon.  

Dark Shadows *1 out of 5 stars* ~ Don't Waste Your Time.  This movie sucked! No pun intended (Johnny Depp plays a vampire :-) )  It was painful to sit through.

This is 40 *2 out of 5 stars* ~ Slow and a bad script.  I thought this was supposed to be funny!  It's the spin off from Knocked Up and that was really funny!  Pete and Deb need to see a marriage counselor (I think they actually do).  All they do is fight.  The F bomb is dropped way more than it needs to be; so is G.D. There are some parts that are funny, but not enough to carry this movie.  Pass!

Warm Bodies *2 out of 5 stars* ~ It was cute, but not very good.  It's based off a book by Isaac Marion and I'm sure it's much better.  Read over See.

There you have it!  I hope I have recommended some that might interest you and also saved you from a few that are really not worth your time.  Remember, this is all my own opinion!  Enjoy and have a great week!