Monsters Univ ~ Movie Monday Volume 1

Welcome to the first official edition of Movie Monday.  I know I already do movie reviews every once in a while, but I thought I would make it an official day. Plus it's a really good excuse to get my behind out of the house and to the movies!

Today I am reviewing Monsters University. 

Listen up parents, this is a great movie for your kids!  I loved it, but I'm also partial to Disney movies in general :-)  If you loved Monsters Inc, then you'll love it's prequel.  It starts when Mike was in elementary school on a field trip to Monsters Inc.  We see his dreams of being a Scarer come to life.  When Mike gets to college to major in scaring he meets Sulley, but they're not exactly friends! They become monster enemies.  It also turns out that Sulley's dad is famous scarer and the coolest fraternity on campus wants Sulley, because he's a legacy!  When Mike and Sulley's rivalry gets the best of them and they get kicked out of the Scare Program, the fraternity doesn't want Sulley anymore and Mike's dreams are pooped on.  

In comes the Scare Games!  It's sort of like Greek Week if you are familiar with Greek life in college at all.  The Fraternities and Sororities compete to find out who the best scarers are.  Mike is desperate to get back into the Scare Program at school and Sulley wants to prove that he's a great scarer, just like his dad.  Throughout the course of the scare games the two rivals learn to work together and become a team (with the help of a few outsiders).  We also get to see where Randy's hatred for Sulley stems from.  Remember Randy?  The monster who can make himself go invisible?

It's a great movie about friendship and not letting go of your dreams, no matter where you have to start to achieve them!  It's a great story line that kids of all ages can enjoy and relate to.  I know it took me back to my days in college.  The campus actually reminded be of the University of Virginia campus.  It was so pretty!  As usual John Goodman and Billy Crystal are fantastic as Sulley and Mike.  Steve Buscemi is back as Randy, so creepy and cool!  Helen Mirren is the voice of the Dean of the college.  I wouldn't cross her!  I give Monsters University 5 out of 5 stars!  Check it out while it's still in theaters.