I wanted to be a Famous Movie Star

I did!  That's why I moved to Los Angeles after college.  I had big dreams of being on the silver screen and winning an Oscar.  I still do.  I went through different phases.  I was named after Erica Kane (Susan Lucci's character on All My Children) and I always wanted to be on that soap opera.  After I worked on Transformers I really wanted to be in action movies!  I wanted to be a intern on Grey's Anatomy after working on that show a couple times.  I definitely felt the sitcom world as many times as I worked on How I Met Your Mother.  The economy kept sucking and I really missed my family, so I moved back.  I don't miss Los Angeles, but I do still dream of being a movie star!

I read an article this weekend in my July issue of Self magazine entitled "So You Wanna Be Famous?"  It gave some really good insights to the benefits of being a "normal" person.  Check it out ~

1.  You're developing actual skills.
Unlike famous people, who spend their days obsessively molding and marketing their public persona, your time is devoted to honing legit talents and interests that will help you find lasting success and happiness.  "Fame should be a side effect of having talent; it shouldn't be a lifestyle," says W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Georgia in Athens.  "Doing things for joy or love or connectedness with other people is what makes you fulfilled."  If you're amazing at something and want to share it, great.  But you'll get a lot more out of it if you do it because you want to learn and improve - not sell tickets to a show called you.
This is so true!  While living in L.A. and persuing acting I came to realize that so many people that get hired are pretty, but talentless.  It's so sad!  I went to school for acting, have a degree in theater, have been acting since I was 5 years old!  Then some tall blonde walks in and she gets the part, because the director probably thinks she'll shag him. 

2.  You can pick your nose in public.
Not that you should, but it's nice to have options.  Become a microcelebrity web phenom and you'll soon find your privacy vanishes in real life, too.  You have to look and act a certain way in public because you never know who's watching.  Long-term, you risk immortalizing yourself saying, doing, wearing something you'll regret later.  Remember your OMG-I-Love-Hanson phase?  Yeah.  Online there are no take-backs.  Cue the awkward job interviews and Match.com dates.
This is really true.  When I lived in Los Angeles I was working at this boutique store that was on the corner of Melrose Ave and Robertson Blvd.  One day, Paris Hilton was shopping at a store on the opposite corner.  The Paparazzi went CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!  When she left the store only to go down two buildings to another store, they all jumped in the vehicles.  Paparazzi was jumping curbs in the SUV's trying to keep up with her.  It was ridiculous!

As much as I love Chuck Bass...EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

3. You have true friends.
Some people want to become famous because they think that they'll get more friends that way.  I learned that true friends are so important and I don't know what I would do without them.  Even being a non-famous person, it's still hard to tell who wants to be your friend to be your friend and who wants to be your friend to get something out of it for themselves.  You have to listen to your heart!

4. You get to be you, ALL of the time.
To be successful online/tv/etc usually requires carefully and consistently cultivating the version of yourself that you want to sell.  The constant focus on performing for others can be exhausting" (says Joshua Gamson, PhD at the University of San Diego)!  It can make it hard to figure out who you really are."  You are a mixture of different personalities and qualities.  Why narrow it down to just one?
In L.A. I was "selling" myself as the Quirky-Cute-Girl-Next-Door.  It would have worked, but there were tons of girls like that.  Being me is so much better!  My friends appreciate me :)

5. You don't have a shelf life.
Sooooooooooo true!  Celebrities only last so long.  When was the last time Lindsay Lohan was successful in a movie was....Mean Girls!  Now you only see her because of her drug and court stuff!  I even think Denzel Washington (as awesome as he is) is running out of shelf only because they keep pairing him up with much younger women.  Just my opinion!


6.  You set your schedule.
I don't have to be anywhere for anyone except me!  Granted, I do have to show up at my job, but that's so I can pay the bills :)

7.  You don't get hate mail.
Thank the Lord for this!  I don't get a lot of mail to begin with; except for bills.  If I started getting hate mail I would probably cry all the time!  I'll stick with bills and my magazine subscriptions for now.

8.  You're having a moment.
Yes, regular you.  Think about who's cool in pop culture right now:  Hannah on Girls and Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation.  Ordinar - as in talented, weird, smart, flawed, fascinating - is the new It quality.  And You've got it.  So cash in on that.
I don't watch either of those shows, but if I'm having a moment, then I'm going to take it!

Well, there you have it!  Still want to be famous? I do a little bit.  Here is a montage for you of me being me.