High Five For Friday & Vaca Wrap Up

This has been a great week!  Being home in Roanoke has been very relaxing.  I have gotten to work out a lot, catch up on some cable and get introduced to some great new shows (hello Interior Therapy on BRAVO).  Here are some highlights from my week...

1.  I got home to Roanoke on Saturday and momma had flowers waiting for me in my room.  They are so pretty and I love them!  Then, on Sunday, dad and I played Scrabble.  My dad is a big reader and really smart, so sometimes he is tough at Scrabble.  I WON!!!!  haha! oh yeah :)

2.  On Monday evening we went to the Salem Fair.  I did, partially..okay totally, plan my vacation home around the fair :)  It's just a fun event that I love.  The fair reminds me of childhood and small town living.  The last time I was at the Salem Fair was in 2008.  We got a funnel cake (27 weight watchers points) and shared it between the three of us.  We walked around and people watched and watched some of the rides.  We came to my favorite ride, The Zipper, and then we saw the Elephants!  They are so pretty.  There was also a band playing too.  It was fun! 

3.  While home I got introduced to some new tv shows.  See, I don't have cable at home.  I don't even own a television right now (black Friday...hopefully...a 42" incher).  Anywho, mom DVR'd the new ABC Family show called The Fosters.  I LOVE this show!  Mom and I have the same tastes in tv shows.  I also found an awesome show, totally by accident, on BRAVO - Interior Therapy.  Jeff Lewis, the designer, and his assistant Jenni are awesome! Jeff even brings in his own housekeeper, Zoila, to help out and she is hilarious. Definitely check it out.  I also got to work out a lot while I was home.  Not only did I hit up Planet Fitness, but I went to my mom's gym with her and all three of us went down to the Greenway to walk.  We had really great weather while I was home.

This is mom and me walking down at the Greenway.

4.  Wednesday I got a new hair cut!  What do you think?  I really like it and am so glad to have it off my shoulders!

5.  Yesterday I headed back to Northern VA, mom in tow.

Momma came up with me so she could visit with my Bestie Lindsay and meet Baby K. I got to see Linds, Tolar, G-Ma and of course Baby K.  I was holding her when it was suddenly feeding time.  I was going to give her back to Tolar, but he handed me the bottle.  Auntie Erica got to feed Baby K!  She's such a sweetie....muah!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and a great weekend ahead!  I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's #H54F.  Go check her out and meet some other awesome bloggers!  Have a great weekend!

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