Happy Birthday Dad!

On July 18th, 1955, 58 years ago, the best dad ever was brought into this world! 


Isn't he a cute little boy!  That's him and his dad, my Grandpa Aleck.  I think he might be around 3 years old in this picture.

Sometime around 1978 he met my mom, they fell in love and got married.  Then, in 1983 they had me.

This is a great Generation Picture.  You have me (the baby), my dad, his mom/my Grandma Gracie, and his grandma/my great-grandma (in the wheelchair).  I wasn't too happy taking that picture!

This is my Baptism.  Check out my dad's 'stach in 1983.  Super cool shades too :)

He's a pretty great dad.  He would do pretty much anything for me.  When I decided to move back to the east coast from Los Angeles, dad flew out to LA and helped me drive back to Roanoke.

Dad helping me pack up my apartment in Sherman Oaks.

My final meal in Los Angeles was at Casa Vega!!!!  Best Margaritas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're ready to go!!!

I just want to say thanks Dad!  You're a pretty awesome Pops and I love you! xoxoxox  
Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!