~ Outdoor Settings

Happy Thursday/ day!  I'm linking up with Jessica from Sweet Green Tangerine and Deborah from In Whirl of Inspiration for today's post.

We're talking about Outdoor Settings for books.  I had to really think about this topic and what I came up with was Small Towns
I'm a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan (as most of you know by now) and all of his books take place in a small town in North Carolina.  It's usually a town where everyone knows everyone.  There's one of every profession (town doctor, town lawyer, town something!).  I grew up in a small-ish town.  It wasn't a big city or anything.  I always thought that I would want to live in a big busy city one day, but I really like suburbia!  I work in the city and live in a suburb and I like it that way.  The thing about Nicholas Sparks stories, is that he makes small towns seem so romantic.  Of course, there's always that one a**hole in the town that causes trouble for everyone.  I especially love the small towns that are on the water.  When you've got water, you've got fishing (I don't fish...I wouldn't fish even if I lived in a fishing town) and you've got the beach (I don't do the beach either). I just really like the idea of it all.  When I go home to visit my small town, not on the water, I appreciate it more.  Granted, I do like being close to a city so my mom has a place to go shopping when she comes to visit :)

What about you?  Do you tend to pick books that take place in a small town or a big city?  Are you a great outdoors reader with adventure or do you have love stories?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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