The Book Chat: Best Summer Reads

Ahhh, summer!  When it comes to summer I like to read books that I can really get into.  I can always get into a Nicholas Sparks book!  I'm reading The Best of Me right now.  This is the last one to read before his new one comes out in September.  He's doing a book tour and he'll be in Washington D.C. on September 28th.  Sooo excited!!!!!

Once I finish The Best of Me I am going to read The Forgotten Garden.  I've been meaning to read it for a really long time now.  That will be my July book!

My third summer book will be Beautiful Creatures.  My mom saw the movie, loved it and thinks that I will love it.  I want to read the book first.

I'll be on vacation for 10 days in July and I plan on getting  A LOT of reading done!  What are your bookish plans for the summer?

Linking up with Jessica for today's Book Chat.  Check out her blog, Sweet Green Tangerine, it's awesome!