Are you on Bloglovin?

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Bloglovin is a pretty cool website.  It allows you to follow as many blogs as you want without having to have a blog yourself!  It is super easy to use.  If you are searching for a blog that covers a certian topic, you can search through all different kinds of categories -

I follow a ton of blogs.  I get an email each day with updates.  There is also a really cool app for your phone that you can download to keep up with your blogs.  It's very smooth and easy to use.

You can "Mark as Read" and "Like" posts on the phone app.

When you tap on the search button, the side pulls out and lists how many unread posts there are for you to read (I obviously have some catching up to do!) as well as listing all the blogs you follow in alphabetical order.

Bloggers are starting to really depend on Bloglovin, because Google is taking about GFC.  It will officially be gone on Monday, July 1st.  I would love for you to follow me on Bloglovin.  I will be super easy for you to find me :) and super easy for you to find other awesome blogs as well!  Just click on the bloglovin artwork here below (or the button on the top of the page) and it will take you right to my blog!

Follow on Bloglovin

Have a fabulous weekend!