All 'Tangled' Up

Over the weekend I watched Disney's Tangled and loved it!  It was so cute.  I just love Disney cartoons that are musical.  Here are a few of my favorite moments from Tangled.  

Pascal ~ Rapunzel's side kick is so cute!  He's like her Jiminy Cricket.

Flynn Rider's "Smoulder."  He's the kinda of guy you're not supposed to fall for, but of course we all do!  I love it when we find out that is real name is Eugene Fitzherbert!

The "Mother Knows Best" musical number.  Rapunzel's "mother" reminds me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.  Both are controlling witches with fantastic musical numbers!

Max, the Palace Horse.  I love him!  He's really like a big K-9 cop dog.  First he's after Flynn Rider for stealing from the royal family, then he's trying to help them.  Here they make a truce so that Rapunzel can see the lanterns on her 18th birthday.  Good horsey :)

Once Rapunzel and Flynn are off on their journey we run into a bunch of "ruffians."  They aren't so bad after all!  There is a musical number called "I've Got A Dream."  All of the ruffians start singing about the dreams they have for their life.  Brad Garrett sings about how he wants to be a music composer.  One guy likes being a mime, another wants to fall in love.

Another scene that reminded me of The Little Mermaid was when they were on the boat together.  They're so cute together and the lanterns are so pretty.

I thought Tangled was a great movie.  It's fun for kids of all ages.  I give it five stars!

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