New Blog Design

As you can tell, Looking to the Stars has had a bit of a face lift!  I was ready for a little bit of a change.  Thanks to Aubrey Kinch, it has been made so!  Aubrey writes over at The Kinch Life.  She is super cute, sweet and oh-so-talented!
(the old me)

Aubrey was so great to work with.  She really takes into consideration what you are looking for.  She sends you the "finished product" before installing anything just in case you want to make some changes.  Her ideas are fabulous!  Aubrey is very thorough and thoughtful.  If you're in the market for a new design, then go check her out over at Kinch Designs.

Aubrey also did my Bestie's blog (Pursuit of Pink) and my friend Mia's blog (The Chronicles of Chaos).

Aubrey also does what she calls "Friday Freebie."  She'll make a super cute design and post it on her blog on Friday so you can download it.  This past Friday was "holler."  Bestie made sure to let me know, because I say "holler" aaaaaaalllll the time! haha!

I have a new tab for movie reviews, so you better believe I will start filling that up!

See you tomorrow...Friday is sooo close!