Movie Review ~ Mud

I am going to agree with RollingStone Magazine and give Mud four stars.  I am also going to predict that Matthew McConaughey receives an Academy Award Nomination for his performance.

This movie is, simply, about Love.  We see a few different interpretations of love.  First we have Ellis, the 14 year old boy who is the main character.  He is in love with Mae Pearl, a high school girl.  He has a pure and innocent view of what love is.  We meet Ellis's parents who are on the brink of a divorce.  His father tells him that you can't trust love.  Then there is Mud, isolated on an island, who is crazy in love with Juniper (and I mean crazy).  Mud tells Ellis about him and Juniper and he decides to do everything in his power to help them, because they're in love.  As everyone's story unfolds we see love unravel.  

Matthew McConaughey is fantastic.  I have never seen him this raw before.  Take into consideration the work he has done: The Lawyer - The Lincoln Lawyer, A Time to Kill, Paper Boy, Amistad; The Heart Throb - The Wedding Planner, Ghosts of Girlfriends' Past, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to Launch, Fool's Gold (don't forget about We Are Marshall & Contact).  There were some really bad ones too - Magic Mike, Surfer Dude, EdTV, Sahara.  Compared to all of that, Mud is his BEST WORK YET! 

He's pretty, but not as pretty as he usually is.  He's dirty, gritty, and his front teeth are all icky.  His performance is gritty and raw.  I believe him.  Everything Mud says and does is completely believable.  His only interactions during the film are with two 14 year old boys.  These boys did a great job too.  They worked off each other (acting is reacting) and it was fabulous.

I definitely recommend this movie.  As long as you aren't craving action, you'll love it.  It's a full on drama about love and loss.  It gets you right in the heart.

Congrats Matthew McConaughey!  You were really good (...but not as good as my husband, Leonardo DiCaprio).