It's Getting Hot In Herrrre!

Hot In Cleveland
is my new favorite television show!
(I'm watching it while writing this now)

A big thank you to Netflix for thinking I would enjoy it, because I DO!  If you haven't seen this show yet, and you need a good laugh, check it out.  It comes on TV Land and is in it's 5th season.  It's about 3 women in their 50's who decide to move from Los Angeles, California to Cleveland, Ohio.  Talk about a mid-life crisis! 

Victoria - Joy - Melanie

Why did they move to Cleveland, you ask?  Well, the three fabulous ladies were on  flight to Paris when their plane had to make an emergency landing in Cleveland, Ohio.  The ladies went to a bar to have some drinks and met some charming fellows.  The next morning Melanie decides that she's moving to Cleveland!  Her two girlfriends decide to join her!

Victoria is a fame obsessed soap opera star who is sworn enemies with Susan Lucci (my namesake).  Joy is completely starved for romance.  Melanie is the "woman next door" type looking for a second chance with love.  Oh, don't forget Betty White!  She came with the house they moved into.  She is a hoot!

I really love this show.  It's so cute and funny.  It comes on TV Land on Wednesday nights at 10pm.  The new season starts June 19th.  Until then, you can see it on Netflix.

Happy Watching :-)