High Five For Friday

*IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!*

Thank the Lord!  Yes, it was a four day work week, because of Memorial Day.  However, that just slams 5 work days into 4 of them.  I hope everyone had a fantastic week.  Here are some highlights from mine ~

1.  By now you all know (I think anyways) that I have a thing for Lady Bugs.  If you didn't know, then now you do :)  While at Target this weekend I found these super cute magnetic screen decorations.  Well, I don't have a screen door to put them on, but because they are magnetic I was able to put them on my window frame!  They are pink and purple!

3.  Over the weekend my Droid Charge had had enough and went to Samsung Heaven.  I had to get a new phone (oh darn).  I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The S4 had just come out, but I couldn't afford it.  I LOVE THIS PHONE! I have awesome ring tones and it is so much smoother than the droid charge.  I am extremely happy with it!  Yay!

4.  I am currently reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.  The thing about Larsson's books that bugs me is that he takes FOREVER to get to the good stuff.  Well, Tuesday night I finally got to the really good stuff! I can't wait to read more.  I would love to finish the book over the weekend.  I only have about 405 pages left (I'm on page 225).

5.  Today is May 31st, which means tomorrow is June 1st.  The thing I like about new months is the feeling of a fresh start.  We are ending the month on a Friday (end of the work week) and the weekend begins a new month.  On Monday I start sitting at Helix, my new hotel.  I still have Rouge for a couple more weeks, but for the most part it's a new job with a fresh start.  This afternoon I will be moving my personal and work belongings to my office at Helix.  I'm going to rearrange a few things as well.  I'm bringing in my Legally Blonde movie poster to add a little oomph to the place! 

It's going to be a great summer!

P.S. ~ I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's #H54F link up.  Make sure to go check her out and check out some other new blogs while you're at it!