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Spend the week reading at your own pace, when and how you want too. There will be daily challenges for awesome prizes and opportunities to get points toward the Grand Prize Packs.
As if that weren’t enough – the week will end with a 24-hr marathon readathon! Twitter parties, mini-challenges, games, prizes given EVERY HOUR, and more chances to get points toward the Grand Prize Packs.
Sign-ups will be open through July 6th. I’m in, are you?!

High Five For Friday

*IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!*

Thank the Lord!  Yes, it was a four day work week, because of Memorial Day.  However, that just slams 5 work days into 4 of them.  I hope everyone had a fantastic week.  Here are some highlights from mine ~

1.  By now you all know (I think anyways) that I have a thing for Lady Bugs.  If you didn't know, then now you do :)  While at Target this weekend I found these super cute magnetic screen decorations.  Well, I don't have a screen door to put them on, but because they are magnetic I was able to put them on my window frame!  They are pink and purple!

3.  Over the weekend my Droid Charge had had enough and went to Samsung Heaven.  I had to get a new phone (oh darn).  I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The S4 had just come out, but I couldn't afford it.  I LOVE THIS PHONE! I have awesome ring tones and it is so much smoother than the droid charge.  I am extremely happy with it!  Yay!

4.  I am currently reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.  The thing about Larsson's books that bugs me is that he takes FOREVER to get to the good stuff.  Well, Tuesday night I finally got to the really good stuff! I can't wait to read more.  I would love to finish the book over the weekend.  I only have about 405 pages left (I'm on page 225).

5.  Today is May 31st, which means tomorrow is June 1st.  The thing I like about new months is the feeling of a fresh start.  We are ending the month on a Friday (end of the work week) and the weekend begins a new month.  On Monday I start sitting at Helix, my new hotel.  I still have Rouge for a couple more weeks, but for the most part it's a new job with a fresh start.  This afternoon I will be moving my personal and work belongings to my office at Helix.  I'm going to rearrange a few things as well.  I'm bringing in my Legally Blonde movie poster to add a little oomph to the place! 

It's going to be a great summer!

P.S. ~ I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's #H54F link up.  Make sure to go check her out and check out some other new blogs while you're at it!

May Birchbox

I was a BirchBox subscriber back in December for one month.  Then I stopped.  I guess I didn't want to spend the extra $10 a month.  A month ago I realized, HELLO!  It's $10!!!  I got the most amazing lip gloss out of that December Birchbox (I'm secretly hoping they send me another one)!  See, I figured out what I did wrong last time.  I didn't fill out the profile!  When I signed up for it again I found the profile.  Silly me!  I really am enjoying Birchbox again.  It's such a great way to discover new products.

Here's what I received for May ~

1.  DevaCurl - 3-Step System ~ This foam-free formula trio includes a nourishing grapeseed oil shampoo, curl-taming conditioner, and an award-winning, soft hold gel (Full-Size, $19).  
I tried this yesterday morning and I absolutely loved it!  I have a thing about shampoo that doesn't lather, but I was really happy with my hair all day!  The soft hold gel was fantastic.  It's not sticky like a lot of products are.  It held my hair all day and it never looked frizzy.
                In the morning after flipping my hair over and drying it a little bit // In my car at the end of the day

2.  Acroball Pen - I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES!  How did Birchbox know???  It writes in a pretty teal.  I'll use this color in my planner and my weight watchers tracker.

3.  Coola - Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face ~ This mineral sunblock is infused with organic, antiaging (heck yeah) ingredients like evening primrose extract and borage seed oil (Full-Size, $32).
Something I always worry about when it comes to spf lotions is that it's going to stink!  This product smells so nice and fresh.  It also has a cooling effect when you apply it.

4.  Whish - Shave Crave Shaving Cream ~ The organic shea butter in this shaving cream leaves your skin incredibly soft and your shave insanely close.  Plus, we love the exclusive blueberry scent (Full-Size, $20).
I haven't tried this yet, but it sure does smell good!  Lindsay, over at Pursuit of Pink, has tried it and said it is awesome!

5.  Sumita - Color Contrast Eyeliner ~ Inspired by traditional Indian formulas, this velvety liner glides on easily and lasts hours (Set of 4 mini pencils, $21).
I did not care for this eyeliner.  The pencil is really thick and I am not that great with a thick pencil.  Once it goes on it stays there.  I prefer a thinner pencil, because I can control it better.  When I washed my face at the end of the day it did not come off very easily.  I don't like that either.

I hope everyone that gets a Birchbox had a fun box :)  To learn more about Birchbox go HERE.  

Movie Review ~ Mud

I am going to agree with RollingStone Magazine and give Mud four stars.  I am also going to predict that Matthew McConaughey receives an Academy Award Nomination for his performance.

This movie is, simply, about Love.  We see a few different interpretations of love.  First we have Ellis, the 14 year old boy who is the main character.  He is in love with Mae Pearl, a high school girl.  He has a pure and innocent view of what love is.  We meet Ellis's parents who are on the brink of a divorce.  His father tells him that you can't trust love.  Then there is Mud, isolated on an island, who is crazy in love with Juniper (and I mean crazy).  Mud tells Ellis about him and Juniper and he decides to do everything in his power to help them, because they're in love.  As everyone's story unfolds we see love unravel.  

Matthew McConaughey is fantastic.  I have never seen him this raw before.  Take into consideration the work he has done: The Lawyer - The Lincoln Lawyer, A Time to Kill, Paper Boy, Amistad; The Heart Throb - The Wedding Planner, Ghosts of Girlfriends' Past, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to Launch, Fool's Gold (don't forget about We Are Marshall & Contact).  There were some really bad ones too - Magic Mike, Surfer Dude, EdTV, Sahara.  Compared to all of that, Mud is his BEST WORK YET! 

He's pretty, but not as pretty as he usually is.  He's dirty, gritty, and his front teeth are all icky.  His performance is gritty and raw.  I believe him.  Everything Mud says and does is completely believable.  His only interactions during the film are with two 14 year old boys.  These boys did a great job too.  They worked off each other (acting is reacting) and it was fabulous.

I definitely recommend this movie.  As long as you aren't craving action, you'll love it.  It's a full on drama about love and loss.  It gets you right in the heart.

Congrats Matthew McConaughey!  You were really good (...but not as good as my husband, Leonardo DiCaprio).

Preview to Summer Book Swap Reveal


I signed up for a Preview to Summer Book Swap and today is the day to reveal what we got from our partners.  I was paired up with Cassie, who blogs over at Southeast by Midwest.  Cassie shares a blog with her hubby Travis.  You should definitely go check out their blog.
Cassie sent me a lovely care package with a letter enclosed ~ 
Erica ~ Hopefully you enjoy the care package I came up with for you.  From surfing around your blog I noticed that you REALLY love to read, you prefer post it notes over your smart phone, and you like twizzlers.
To start off with, after you remove the bubble wrap and white tissue paper, be careful with the black tissue paper as it has a gift wrapped inside.  Hopefully you don't already own the color :)
From there I included a few things you can enjoy while reading the two books I included.  Enjoy these goodies and your two new books.
~ Cassie

Boy, did she nail me on the nose! 

1.  She got me a massive pack of twizzlers.  I broke into them as soon as I got the box.  I ate them all before I could take a picture of them.  I love strawberry twizzlers.
2.  Cassie sent me 2 of Kate Morton's books - Distant Hours and House at Riverton.  I cannot wait to read these.  
3.  I love hot chocolate!  She sent me Rich Chocolate Swiss Miss, Marsh-mallow Bits, and a white chocolate hot mix.  I haven't broke into them, but they are going to be so yummy!
4.  The big notepad is on my fridge as we speak for my grocery lists.
The green Sally nailpolish is so pretty for spring/summer.  I haven't used it yet, but I'll put a picture up once I do.
The post it notes are sooo cute!  I love kitties :)

Thank you Cassie soooo much!  This is definitely one of the best swap boxes I've gotten.  I hope you liked yours :)

Memorial Day Weekend Sunday Social

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  Next Sunday is the 1 Year Anniversary, you will definitely have to come back because Ashley and Neely are doing a major giveaway!

Sunday Social
On to today's questions!

1.  What is your best summer memory as a kid?
When I lived in Latrobe, PA (1990-1992) there was a big empty lot next to our house.  It just looked like we had a really large yard!  Everyone in the neighborhood would come over and we would set up a baseball  game and have some good, clean, neighborhood fun!
The house with the brown top is where I used to live (thank you Google maps).  The house to the right wasn't there in 1991.  That was our big baseball field!  So much fun!

2.  What is your favorite summer drink?
You mean besides diet coke?

3.  What is your favorite summer TV shows?
I don't really have any right now.  There are a lot of shows that are coming out for the summer.  I'll get back to you on this one :)

4.  What is the best outdoor activity?
You're asking the wrong person.  I like inside :)

5.  What are your summer vacation essentials?
Okay, here they are:  iPod, chapstick, hair tie, and my Oliver People Sunglasses!

High Five For Friday

Yay for Friday!  It was a busy week and I'm so glad that the long, Memorial Day Weekend, has arrived.  I hope everyone had a fantastic week.  Here are some highlights from mine.

1.  I collect movie posters and I have had the Sex and the City movie poster rolled up under my bed.  Usually, I have them put on board and framed at Michael's or A.C. Moore.  I decided to try it myself this time.  I didn't do such a bad job!  I might actually try and do a couple more that I have lying around.

2.  New Lamp!  I had a really ugly floor lamp for almost a year now.  I got this one at Target and it's so pretty!

3.  This is my new front entrance table.  I got this at Target as well (super on sale) and put it together over the weekend.  It has 2 drawers.  Lindsay is going to help me in the decorating and finding something nice to put on the shelf.

4.  I got some pretty awesome mail this week.  Not just one, but three cards!  A Thank You card from my pops and a Thank You card from my momma.  The third card is also from momma to say hi and how proud of me she is.  Oh, and on the back she wrote "you're awesome"...LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

5.  You're probably wondering what #5 is, because there isn't a 5 in the picture.  Well, #5 is pretty cool!
I got a promotion this week!  You are now looking at the new Catering Sales & Conference Service Manager for the Helix Hotel - A Kimpton Hotel.  It's the same job I was doing over at the Rouge, but it's a new hotel with more meeting space and more guest rooms.  Helix will be going through a multi-million dollar renovation in 2014 and it's going to be an even better looking hotel than it already is!

Well, that was my week!  How was your's?  Tell me about in the comments below!

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's High Five For Friday.  Have a great week everyone!

Brunch Season is Upon Us

Washington Wednesday is back and it's that time of year again when the people of Washington, D.C. (L.A., New York, Chicago..etc) dine out on the weekend afternoons.   The young folk of this generation tend to party a bit more and a bit harder and they need their beauty sleep.  When morning (12noon) comes, that is when they need their sustenance.  What better way to energize for the day ahead (and the next night out) than to recount the night before with your friends.

Welcome to Brunch!

Not just the "young folk" or the "city folk" partake in brunch.  Everyone does!  It has become one of the most popular things to do these days on the weekend.  Since living in Washington, D.C. for the last 2 years I have heard the word "brunch" so many times.  Let's go to brunch!  Wanna meet up for brunch?  Where's a good place to get brunch?  Even at work...I get inquires for Bridal Brunches and Birthday Brunches.

I have a fantastic Brunch option for you in Washington, D.C.  You know how the whole "Farm to Table" thing is big now?  You are going to LOVE this place.  It's called Founding Farmers.

It is located on Pennsylvania Ave, NW.

Here is a little blurb from their website and a couple awards FF has received:
We believe it is the right of all diners and food lovers to enjoy of a good “meal away from home” that is fulfilling, delicious and honest, made with ingredients from high-quality sources. We strive to source the best products seasonally and regionally whenever possible, and our meals are prepared with the utmost care and attention by our talented chefs and kitchen staff. “Strive” is an important word, because in today’s world and today’s economy, it isn’t always possible to source or buy the ideal products.
The Founding Farmers name represents a combination of ideas: it is a celebration of the land and the American family farmer; it is a nod to the founding fathers of our country, many of whom owned and farmed land that surrounds Washington, D.C.; and it is a place where true, sustainably farmed, grown and harvested American foods are brought to our guests.

Founding Farmers has an absolutely amazing menu.  Everything is so fresh and tasteful that you want to keep eating.  My mom and I went there for "brunch" a couple of years ago and absolutely enjoyed it.  If you enjoy a yummy drink with your meal, then I suggest their mimosas!  I ordered the buttermilk pancakes ~ Golden Griddled Cakes with Whipped Farm Butter.  They were amazing.  Quite possibly the best pancakes I have had.  I can't remember what mom got, but I know that neither one of us left a single bite on our plates.

Founding Farmers and become a very popular restauarant.  You really do need to make reservations there ahead of time.  I think mom and I waited about 40 minutes for our table, but it was worth it.  Not only is the food fantastic, but the ambiance is so enjoyable.  The staff is super friendly.  The guests are super friendly.  Sometimes you might get sat at a "community table."  It's a long table that multiple parties can be sat at.  It's a great way to meet new people.

If you need a place for brunch, then go check out Founding Farmers!

Happy Hump Day!

PS ~ I'm linking up for Walk About Wednesdays with Jane from The Pursuit of Poppiness and Random Wednesday with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So

Movie Review: The Great Gatsby ~ Then & Now

**********SPOILER ALERT**********
I warned you

In 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a book about the very rich and mysterious Jay Gatsby.  Nick Carraway is a young man living in West Egg, Long Island, who has come to spend the summer working and visiting with his cousin Daisy Buchanan (who's husband Tom is a cheating bastard). He tells us of his encounter with Jay Gatsby.  We learn that Gatsby and Daisy knew each other some time ago and were very much in love.  Some would say it's a love story. 

This past month the book club I'm in, Literary Lushes, read The Great Gatsby in preparation for Baz Luhrmann's new flick.  You may have heard me say this already, but I LOVED THE BOOK!!!  I did not expect to love it.  It completely caught me off guard.  I thought it was going to be a dull book that I would have to force myself to read.  It has action, drama, and mystery to it.  Once I got into it I sailed right through.  I would definitely read it again.  The storytelling was so wonderful.  I really felt like I was part of their world.

This year Baz Luhrmann directed his own version of The Great Gatsby starring my husband Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby

Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan

Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway

The movie opened in theaters on May 10th and I immediately saw it opening weekend.  It was perfect!  It was everything that I hoped it would be.  Baz Luhrmann always does an amazing job with his films.  The vibrant colors, the music, the costumes, sets, and the actors chosen.  This film was cast so wonderfully.  Myrtle, played by Isla Fisher, was exactly how I pictured her.  She was the perfect mix of glam and tramp!

Isla Fisher as Myrtle Wilson

In the book you can really tell how lonely Jay Gatsby is.  Nick comes home one night from being out and finds Gatsby waiting outside his house.  Gatsby suggests a quick drive to Coney Island or a dip in his swimming pool.  It's awfully late and Nick say he's got to go home.  Leonardo DiCaprio was so great and showing us that loneliness.  It was so sad.  I wanted to jump in the film and just chill with him by the pool.  When Nick does Gatsby a favor, by having Daisy over for tea, you can tell how important it is to him.  Gatsby gets the yard done up, flowers sent over, and cakes delivered for tea.  It's pouring down rain, but he still shows up looking sharp in his white suit.  The closer it gets to Daisy's arrival the more nervous Gatsby gets.  Four O'Clock hits and Daisy's at the door.  It's almost like time has stopped and these two lovers are thrown back together.  Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan are magical together.  Their chemistry together is so on that I could feel the heat from my seat.  The amount of love that Gatsby has for Daisy is so surmountable.  Everything he has done has been for her.  If only she could have seen that and understood.  It breaks my heart they way things turn out for him.

I was having an interesting conversation with my mother yesterday.  See, we have this lovely lady that's a good friend and neighbor..her name is Judy.  Judy loves the Robert Redford version of The Great Gatsby and could not imagine another being made.  So, I decided to watch it.

Mia Farrow (Daisy) & Robert Redford (Gatsby)

I hated it.
Okay, hate is a strong word.  I really did not like the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby.  Yes, Robert Redford is handsome, but I felt nothing from his performance.  There is no sense of loneliness or longing from his portrayal as Jay Gatsby.  He's just a pretty face.  Oh yeah, he sweats a lot too.  All the way through the movie.  There's a makeup artist out there somewhere who got fired!  There are several scenes in the '74 film that are not properly done.  Here are just a few examples ~
1. The first party that Nick attends at Gatsby's house, he ends up having accidental conversation with Gatsby (book and 2013 film).  In the '74 film one of Gatsby's servants pulls Nick out of the party and into a private room so they can talk.  Gatsby is supposed to pull Jordan away, not Nick.  
2.  It's bright and sunny outside the day that Daisy comes to tea.  It's supposed to be raining.  There's an actual point to the rain.
3.  In the '74 version I actually feel sorry for George Wilson after what happens to his wife.  He seems like a nice guy, just down on his luck.  In the '13 version he's a nasty wife abusing man (the way he's supposed to be in the book as well).
Come on, man, I thought you could act!  Aren't you one of the classic actors of your time?

There are two things that the '74 version did get right that the '13 version didn't.  That was how George Wilson found Jay Gatsby and how Gatsby died (I told you there were spoilers).  However, I actually liked Gatsby's death scene better in Baz Luhrmann's interpretation.  If there's one thing Leo is good at in a movie that's dying (Quick and the Dead, Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, The Departed, Blood Diamond, Inception, Django Unchained).

I give Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 The Great Gatsby 2 stars.
I give Baz Luhrmann's 2013 The Great Gatsby 5 stars.

The Award goes to...

(aka...the Susan Lucci of the Oscars)

Here's to you Old Sport

High Five For Friday

It's that time again, FRIDAY!!!  This has been a crazy crazy week at work.  At least three 12 hour days.  There were some fun things from the week.  Here are my top five moments.

1. Lindsay's first baby shower was this past weekend.  I made the drive home to Roanoke to be there for it. It was wonderful to see all the love that was showered over my Bestie and her baby girl.  You can check out all the stuff that she got and more on her shower over at Pursuit of Pink.
I'm trying to figure out how many diapers on in the container.  I didn't win.
My momma, Lindsay, and Me.

2.  On Saturday night, while I was still home in Roanoke, my parents and I went and saw The Great Gatsby.  It was everything I hoped it would be.  Be sure to check out next Tuesday's's a movie review!  I love Leo!

3.  I was invited to attend opening night at Shakespeare Theatre to see their new production of The Winter's Tale.  It was such a great show!  The actors were all so talented.  Anyone who can do Shakespeare always impresses me.  Mark Harelik was cast as Leontes/Autolycus and was crazy good!  You might recognize him as Doctor Gablehauser from Big Bang Theory.

4.  Last night the company I work for, Kimpton, hosted a Yoga night for some of our top clients.  It was super successful and so much fun.  We brought in two yoga instructors from Buddah B and they did a beginner class.  The weather turned out to be perfect and we were able to have it on the patio at the Helix hotel.  Afterwards we had a little reception for our guests ~ wine, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and some other healthy snacks!

Everyone doing yoga on the patio.

My lovely friend Amanda was able to participate in the yoga class.  She really enjoyed it!

5.  Last, but not least, my new blog design is up!  I am so happy with it.  Aubrey did a great job and I highly recommend her.  I'm still getting used to the side bar being on the left, so when I look at it sometimes it still looks weird! haha!

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's High Five For Friday.  Be sure to check our her blog, she's super cute!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  The new Star Trek movie is out in theaters today.  You should go check it out.  I know I will be!

New Blog Design

As you can tell, Looking to the Stars has had a bit of a face lift!  I was ready for a little bit of a change.  Thanks to Aubrey Kinch, it has been made so!  Aubrey writes over at The Kinch Life.  She is super cute, sweet and oh-so-talented!
(the old me)

Aubrey was so great to work with.  She really takes into consideration what you are looking for.  She sends you the "finished product" before installing anything just in case you want to make some changes.  Her ideas are fabulous!  Aubrey is very thorough and thoughtful.  If you're in the market for a new design, then go check her out over at Kinch Designs.

Aubrey also did my Bestie's blog (Pursuit of Pink) and my friend Mia's blog (The Chronicles of Chaos).

Aubrey also does what she calls "Friday Freebie."  She'll make a super cute design and post it on her blog on Friday so you can download it.  This past Friday was "holler."  Bestie made sure to let me know, because I say "holler" aaaaaaalllll the time! haha!

I have a new tab for movie reviews, so you better believe I will start filling that up!

See you tomorrow...Friday is sooo close!

My Escape

Do you ever have days where you are crazy busy, stressed, overworked, or just tired?  I know I do!  Today was one of those crazy busy days for me at work.  All Day - Non Stop.  I couldn't wait to get out of the office.  Now, don't get me wrong, I really like my job.  I am a catering sales and conference service manager at a hip hotel in downtown D.C.  I get to help plan events, such as meetings, receptions, dinners, and parties.  It's actually a lot of fun!  But when I have a day like I today,  I need an escape.

After work I come home (unless I go to the gym or a meeting or an event).  I put my super comfy Ann Taylor Loft leggings on.  I prep make dinner.  I turn the computer on...

...and then I escape into my TV Shows.  I live in a small studio apartment and there isn't much room for a TV, so I just use my internet.  Some of my favorite shows, the ones I can never miss, are Scandal, Hannibal, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, The Mindy Project, Glee, Nashville, and New Girl. I also love Smash.  Whenever I watch Smash I fall back into my theater ways.  The same thing happens when I watch Glee and Nashville.  I like to put my headphones on and have a "dance party" in my apartment.  I will select a soundtrack and pretend I'm Elphaba, Mimi, or Effie!  Or, I will just put on some awesome music, like Band Perry, and pretend I'm on stage in an arena performing to my millions of fans.  It helps me escape and relax.  I'm the same way with books.

Around 9:30pm I will turn the computer off and wash up for bed.  I will then read my current novel.  It's another way of escaping.  The big difference between this way and television is that I get to create the visual aspect of it all.  Yes, I'm given all the details, but I get to envision it.  The color of a woman's dress at the gala; the hues of the sunset on the beach she's walking along;  his gaze and he moves closer to her.  It's more romantic and more intimate.  Books invite you into the lives of the characters.  TV/Movies are great, don't misunderstand me, but there is something about reading a book.  Especially when it hasn't been made into a movie or television show yet.  You get to do the creating with your heart.

Well, it's about that time for me to wash up and hit the book...currently reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.  I read the first book and LOVED it.  I really enjoyed the movies too.  With this book I already knew who was playing the characters.  Even though I know what they look like (I don't mind picturing Daniel Craig) I get to create everything else!

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous week!  I am so glad the weekend has arrived.  I get to head to Roanoke today not only for Mother's Day, but for Lindsay's 1st baby shower!  Here are some high lights from my week.

1.  Summer Vacation is planned for July!  I am so excited for 11 days of freedom.  I am planning on spending time at home in Roanoke with mom and dad and going to the Salem Fair and getting a funnel cake.  I'm going to head to Atlanta for a couple days and visit my dear friend Steph.  Yay!

2.  I got to see this handsome dude this week.  My brother stopped through Washington DC to say hola before heading up to Chicago.  We had dinner and got to check out Tom Cruise's latest flick (Oblivion...NOT good).  I hadn't seen him in almost 2 years.

3.  Not only did I get to see Jacob, but I got to meet his pup Sir Butters.  Jacob has a pure bred Bernese Mountain Dog.  Butters is HUGE!  He's so sweet and lovable and just wants to play. 

4.  I treated myself to Lady Antebellum's new CD.  Their new track, Downtown, is so good on the radio.  I haven't listened to the CD yet.  I'm saving it for my drive to Roanoke tomorrow.

5.  The Great Gatsby.  Enough said!

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas' out there!

P.S. ~ I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for today's #H54F.

Big Red

Back in 19...uh...the year isn't important!  Way back when...ah crap.  Okay, let me start over!


 What a Beauty!

Shopping for my first Christmas tree.

Look at her hair and my little cute

This was just last week!

Love you momma!!!