Washington Wednesday Vol 6 ~ More Cherry Blossoms!

Happy Washington Wednesday!

Before I start in on the Cherry Blossoms I just want to wish myself a happy 2 year anniversary.  It was 2 years ago, today, that I arrived back on the East Coast.  My dad and I made the 4 day/3 night journey with out killing each other.  Next week's Washington Wednesday you will get much more insight on this trip!
Thanks dad!

So, last week I gave you some awesome information about the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival here in Washington D.C.  Well, today I'm going to share my Cherry Blossom experience with you!

On Saturday I wandered into the great city of D.C. and ventured over to the tidal basin.  Let me tell you...it was PACKED!!!  It was the last weekend of the festival and people were definitely taking advantage of the beautiful weather.
So pretty!

Look at all of the tourists (and locals like me!)

The Cherry Blossoms are everywhere and they are so pretty!

I love this picture of the Washington Monument framed by the Cherry Blossoms.

 I made it to the Jefferson Memorial and got there all on my own (a little inside joke with my mom and dad!)

There's me and Tommy Jefferson!

The Cherry Blossoms are so pretty!  I have lived here for 2 years and this is first time that I have gone out to see them in person.  I am really glad that I did.  Even with the rain we got on Friday, there were enough left for me to see.

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